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Connolly, Robert (1997) Untitled Sculpture. Microsoft Ireland Headquarters [Artefact]

McIver, Moira (1997) Memory, Memorial. [Artefact]

Body of work

McIntyre, Mary (1997) Elaborate Constructions Engineered on a Massive Scale in Order to Create the Proper Images. [Body of work]

McIntyre, Mary (1997) Figurative Series I. [Body of work]

Book (authored)

Ó Dochartaigh, Pól (1997) The Portrayal of Jews in GDR Prose Fiction. Rodopi. 348 pp ISBN 978-90-420-0158-9 [Book (authored)]

Eyben, Karin, Morrow, Duncan and Wilson, Derick (1997) A Worthwhile Venture? Practically Investigating in Equity, Diversity and Interdependence in Northern Ireland. University of Ulster. 261 pp ISBN ISBN 1 85923 082 2 [Book (authored)]

Lynn, Brendan (1997) Holding the Ground: The Nationalist Party in Northern Ireland 1945 – 1972. Ashgate Publishing Ltd. Ballymena. 273 pp ISBN 1855219808 [Book (authored)]

McKenna, Hugh (1997) Nursing Theories and Models. Routledge. London. 280 pp ISBN 9780415142229 [Book (authored)]

O'Rawe, Mary and Moore, Linda (1997) Human Rights on Duty: Principles for Better Policing - International Lessons for Northern Ireland. Committee on the Administration of Justice. 294 pp ISBN 978-1873285732 [Book (authored)]

Parahoo, Kader (1997) Nursing Research: Principles, Process and Issues. Palgrave. 416 pp ISBN 0333699181 [Book (authored)]

Walsh, D.M. (1997) TENS: Clinical Applications and Related Theory. Churchill Livingstone. 167 pp ISBN 0443053235 [Book (authored)]

Book (edited)

Leslie, Julian, ed. (1997) Proceedings of the Third European Meeting for the Experimental Analysis of Behaviour. (Third European Meeting for the Experimental Analysis of Behaviour, Dublin, Ireland). Coleraine. 74 pp. University of Ulster. ISBN 1-85923-073-3 [Book (edited)]

McCluskey, WJ and Adair, A, eds. (1997) Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal: An International review. England. 1 pp. Ashgate Publishing Limited. ISBN 1-85972-089-7 [Book (edited)]

Book section

Andrews, Elmer (1997) 'Some Sweet Disorder': The Poetry of Subversion: On Paul Muldoon, Tom Paulin and Medbh McGuckian. In: British Poetry from the 1950s to the 1990s. Macmillan, Houndmills, pp. 118-143. ISBN 0-333-53280-5 [Book section]

Ó Dochartaigh, Pól (1997) Fiddler in the Ghetto: The Film of Jurek Becker’s novel Jakob der Lügner. In: Text into Image: Image into Text. (Eds: Morrison, Jeff and Krobb, Florian), Rodopi, pp. 307-317. ISBN 90-420-0152-6 [Book section]

Barnett, Richard and Carmichael, Paul (1997) Local Government. In: Public Services Yearbook 1997/98. (Eds: Jackson, P and Lavender, M), Pitman, pp. 101-114. ISBN 027362766X [Book section]

Brennan, Deirdre and Bleakley, Walter (1997) Predictors, Patterns and Policies for Post School Participation. In: Young People's Involvement in Sport. (Eds: Kremer, John and Ogle, Shaun), Routledge, London and New York, pp. 78-98. ISBN 0-415-16650-0 [Book section]

Browne, Mike and Keown-McMullan, C.M (1997) Crisis avoidance through proactive project management. In: Managing risks in projects. (Eds: Kahkonen, K and Artto, K.A), E & FN Spon, pp. 323-332. ISBN 0-419-22990-6 [Book section]

Bush, Kenneth (1997) When Two Anarchies Meet: International Intervention in Somalia. In: Canada and Missions for Peace: Lessons from Nicaragua, Cambodia and Somalia. IDRC, pp. 55-78. ISBN 0889368678 [Book section]

Clark, R and Wilson, P (1997) Characteristics and origins of late Quaternary landforms and sediments at Carrock Fell End. In: Geomorphology of the Lake District: a Field Guide. British Geomorphological Research Group, pp. 37-49. ISBN 02613611 [Book section]

Davenport, Elisabeth, Higgins, Martin and Somerville, Ian (1997) The appropriation of new media in Scottish households. In: Information Seeking in Context. Taylor Graham, pp. 383-411. ISBN 0-947568-719 [Book section]

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Gillespie, John H (1997) Les Nourritures terrestres comme manuel de délivrance: le rôle des résonances bibliques. In: Retour aux Nourritures terrestres. (Eds: Walker, David H), Rodopi, pp. 47-64. ISBN 90-420-1692-2 [Book section]

Kelly, William P. (1997) 'James Butler, twelfth Earl of Ormond, the Irish Government and the Bishops' Wars. In: Celtic Dimensions of the British Civil Wars. (Eds: Young, John R.), John Donald, Edinburgh, pp. 185-204. ISBN 0-85976-452-4. [Book section]

Knox, Colin, Carmichael, Paul and Osborne, RD (1997) Mapping the Public Sector in Northern Ireland. In: Contemporary Political Studies. (Eds: Stanyer, J and Stoker, G), Political Studies Association, pp. 989-1009. ISBN 0-9523150-8-4 [Book section]

Kockel, Ullrich (1997) Confini e frontiere culturali: Una sfida per l’Europe. In: Razzismo e Società Plurietnica: Conflitti etnici e razzismi giovanili in Europa. (Eds: Tomasi , Luigi), Franco Angeli , pp. 19-43. ISBN 9788846402165 [Book section]

Leslie, Julian (1997) Applied psychology from the standpoint of behavioural analysis. In: Advances in Behaviour Analysis. University College Dublin Press, Dublin, pp. 103-112. ISBN 1-900621-08-8 [Book section]

Maguire, Tom (1997) Upstaging England’s Britain: Whose Canon And Whose Nation? In: Theatre And National Identity. (Eds: Lidstone, Gerald), UNITEXT, pp. 8-19. ISBN 973 98348-6-8 [Book section]

McCluskey, WJ (1997) A Critical review of Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal techniques. In: Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal: An International review. Ashgate Publishing Limited, England, pp. 1-25. ISBN 1-85972-089-7 [Book section]

McCluskey, WJ, Dyson, K, McFall, D and Anand, S (1997) The Mass Appraisal of Residential Property in Northern Ireland. In: Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal: An International review. Ashgate Publishing Limited, England, pp. 59-77. ISBN 1-85972-089-7 [Book section]

McKenna, Hugh (1997) A practical approach to monitoring quality in community nursing practice. In: Achieving Quality in Community Health Care Nursing. Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 95-122. ISBN 9780333646915 [Book section]

Millar, Richard and Hanna, P (1997) A Case Study of the Use and Suitability of the World-Wide Web for a Tourist Information System in Chow V.W.S. (Ed),. In: Multimedia Technology and Applications. Springer Verlag, pp. 507-516. ISBN 9813083166 [Book section]

O'Rawe, Mary (1997) Complaints against the Police. In: Civil Liberties in Northern Ireland. CAJ, Belfast, pp. 90-109. ISBN 978-1873285343 [Book section]

Reinhardt-Rutland, Anthony (1997) Perceptual-motor procedures performed via a TV monitor: Limitations in visual depth perception. In: Revisiting the Allocation of Functions Issue, New Perspectives 2. (Eds: Fallon , E. F., Hogan, M., Bannon, L. and McCarthy, J.), IEA Press, Louisville KY , pp. 191-198. ISBN 0-9653395-4-8 [Book section]

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Upton, Carole-Anne (1997) F. Mackintosh: Dying Acts: Death in Ancient Greek and Modern Irish Tragic Drama. In: Griechisch-römische Komödie und Tragödie II. (Drama: Beiträge zum antiken Drama und seiner Rezeption, 5). M & P Verlag, pp. 215-217. ISBN 3-476-45176-3 [Book section]

Upton, Carole-Anne (1997) Words in Space: Filling the empty space in francophone theatre. In: Black Accents - Writing in French from Africa, Mauritius and the Caribbean Theatre. (Eds: Little, J.P. and Little, Roger), Grant and Cutler, pp. 235-251. ISBN 0 7293 0390 X [Book section]

Walsh, D. (1997) Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. In: Acupuncture and Related Techniques in Physical Therapy. (Eds: Hopwood, V., Lovesey, M. and Mokone, S.), Churchill Livingstone, pp. 111-118. ISBN 0443055939 [Book section]


Roman, Laurence S (1997) Three Postcards From Spain. [Composition]

Conference contribution

Ayre, Nicola (1997) An appraisal of current best practice within the context of intensive teaching methods. In: 5th Annual Conference on the Teaching of Computing, Integrating Technology into the Computiing Curriculum. Centre for Teaching Computing, Dublin City University. 1 pp. [Conference contribution]

Ayre, Nicola (1997) Using computer technology to aid the teaching of science to those with special educational needs. In: 5th Annual Conference on the Teaching of Computing, Integrating Technology into the Computiing Curriculum. Centre for Teaching Computing, Dublin City University. 3 pp. [Conference contribution]

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Day, KR and Armour, H (1997) Spruce aphid population dynamics in relation to canopy character: scope for cultural regulation. In: INTEGRATING CULTURAL TACTICS INTO THE MANAGEMENT OF BARK BEETLE AND REFORESTATION PESTS, PROCEEDINGS, Vallombrossa. UNSPECIFIED. 16 pp. [Conference contribution]

Fee, Ruth and Erridge, Andrew (1997) The Relationship between Public Procurement, Compulsory Competitive Tendering and Social Policy in the UK. In: 6th International IPSERA Conference. Ischia. [Conference contribution]

Griffiths, Philip, Eames, Philip and Norton, Brian (1997) Thermal Properties Of Evacuated Glazing Based On Experimental Solar Simulation And Computer Based Simulation Modelling. In: Int. Conference on Building Envelope Systems and Technology (ICBEST ’97), Bath. University of Bath. 6 pp. [Conference contribution]

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Internet publication

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Journal article

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