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Geddis, Michael and Rohr, Doris (2015) "Dwindling Abundance ". Ards Arts Centre, Georgian Gallery. [Exhibition]

Bowen, Sian, Dorsett, Chris and Rohr, Doris (2014) "Paper, Wall, Table and After" , Northumbria University, Gallery North: curators Sian Bowen and Chris Dorsett. Gallery North [Artefact]

Dickson, Rachel (2014) Broken in... The Naughton Gallery [Artefact]

Dickson, Rachel (2014) Peer feedback in art & design: becoming each others heroes. In: Arts and Humanities 2014 Annual Conference - Heroes and monsters: extra-ordinary tales of learning and teaching in the arts and humanities, The Lowry, Salford Quays, Manchester.. Higher Education Academy. 25 pp. [Conference contribution]

Dickson, Rachel (2014) Reconstruction of Memory. Flowerfield Arts centre. [Exhibition]

Dickson, Rachel (2014) Students as Peer Mentors - the value of mentors and mentees in art and design, year zero. In: European First Year Experience Network (EFYE) 2014 Conference , Nottingham Trent University. European First Year Experience Network (EFYE) . 30 pp. [Conference contribution]

Moore, Michael (2014) Collaboration: Ceramic Art and Industry 2012-4. In: 'Moving Objects, From Virtual Pasts to Geographic Presence'. The 46th General Assembly of the International Academy of Ceramics., Dublin Castle, Dublin, Ireland.. IAC2014. 10 pp. [Conference contribution]

Moore, Michael (2014) Juror. Triennial for the Silicate Arts, Keskemet, Hungary, July 2014. Kecskemét Cultural and Conference Centre, Keskemet, Hungary. [Exhibition]

Moore, Michael (2014) Juror/ Selector, Zagreb Clayfest, Croatia. Guest Juror, Michael Moore. Zagreb Ex Tempore. [Exhibition]

Moore, Michael (2014) 'Yingge Tower'. NCAD Alumni Ceramics Exhibition during the 46th General Assembly of the International Academy of Ceramics. Sept. 8-12, 2014. Dublin Castle. National College of Art and Design [Artefact]

Sander, Ralf (2014) Paradise. (DMZ) & KINTEX, Ilsan-cityThe Line, DMZ, open air Gallery [Artefact]

Belford, Patricia (2013) Catalytic Clothing and Tactility Factory;Crafted collaborative connections. In: Collaboration through Craft. (Eds: Ravetz, Amanda, Felcey, Helen and Kettle, Alice), Bloomsbury publishing, London, pp. 129-143. ISBN 9780857853912 [Book section]

Belford, Patricia, Sykas, Philip and Turnbull, Paul (2013) The Beauty of Experiment - The Rediscovery of Shadow Tissues. In: The Beauty of Experiment. Turnbull and Stockdale, Isle of Man 2013, pp. 97-139. ISBN 978-1-905476-87-9 [Book section]

Clarke, Paul, Rohr, Doris and McIver, Moira (2013) Drawing Dialogues. In: Drawing Dialogues Symposium, The MAC Belfast. NA. [Conference contribution]

Fleming, Karen and Topping, Pamela (2013) Can a hybrid methodology facilitate a collaborative approach in the assistance of establishing how colour can support a healthy interior space for the ageing population including people with dementia? In: 12th Congress of the international Colour Association, Sage, Gateshead. UK. The Colour Group. 4 pp. [Conference contribution]

IONASCU, ADRIANA (2013) Visual Inquiry, International Journal of Learning and Teaching ArtVol 2, No 1Guest Issue Edited by Adriana Ionascu: Drawing Practice in Art Education. Visual Inquiry, International Journal of Learning and Teaching Art Vol 2, No 1 Guest Issue, 2 (1). pp. 71-73. [Journal article]

Moore, Michael (2013) Exhibition Review: Figure: Contemporary Ceramic Sculpture', Millennium Court Arts Centre, Portadown, Northern Ireland, Aug. 9- Sept. 28, 2013. Ceramic Review, 264 . p. 26. [Journal article]

Moore, Michael (2013) Flow. Ceramic Sculpture. Galateea Gallery [Artefact]

Moore, Michael (2013) History of Irish Studio Ceramics - Hidden Treasures of Museum Collections. In: Sharing Cultures, 3rd Conference on Intangible Heritage, Aveiro, Portugal.. Green Lines Institute for Sustainable Development Green Lines Instituto para o Desenvolvimento Sustentável Av. Alcaides de Faria, 377 S.12 4750-106 Barcelos Portugal T http://www.greenlines-institute.org mail@gree. 19 pp. [Conference contribution]

Moore, Michael (2013) 'Ring Form' by Michael Moore, Part of 'Bricks in the Rain' curated touring exhibition. the Wandsford Gallery, Cork, April 5th 2013 'Double Walled Form' by Michael Moore, part of 'Bricks in the Rain' curated touring exhibition- The Wandsford Gallery, Cork, April 5th 2013'Made in China' Film by Andrew Standen Raz. Wandsford Gallery, Cork, Ireland. [Exhibition]

Sander, Ralf (2013) Belfast Seahorse. Belfast Harbour [Artefact]

Sander, Ralf (2013) Identity in global crisis. space gallery. [Exhibition]

Topping, Pamela and Fleming, Karen (2013) Poster: Can a Hybrid Methodology Facilitate a Collaborative Approach in the Assistance of Establishing How Colour Can Support a Healthy Interior Space for the Ageing Population Including People With Dementia? In: 12 AIC Conference , Sage Gateshead UK. The Colour Group. 1 pp. [Conference contribution]

Golden, Saul and McComish, Liam, eds. (2012) Machine for Experiential Urban Learning: Interdisciplinary Design Research. Belfast, Northern Ireland. 123 pp. PLACE Limited. ISBN 978-0-9558728-6-0 [Book (edited)]

Blaney, Christine (2012) Images 36 The Best of British Illustration Baba and Boo. In: Images 36 Best of New British Illustration. The Association of Illustrators, Somerset House, London 2012, London, p. 187. ISBN 978-0-9558076-5-7 [Book section]

Conway, Sharon, Breen, Cathal, J, McLachlan, John, C and Fleming, Karen (2012) Radiographic Anatomy: artistic pedagogy. In: UK Radiological Congress, Manchester Central Convention Complex. UKRC. 16 pp. [Conference contribution]

Golden, Saul and McComish, Liam (2012) Urban Research Belfast-Lessons from Empty Space: Inter-disciplinary Tools for Urban Enquiry and Place Investigation. In: Designing Place International Urban Design Conference Proceedings. (Eds: Borsi, Katherine and Durmaz, Bahar), The University of Nottingham Urban Design Research Group, Nottingham, UK, pp. 179-200. ISBN 9780853582823 [Book section]

Golden, Saul and McComish, Liam (2012) Urban Research Belfast Inter-Disciplinary Partnership. In: Design Dialogue 2, Fumbally Lane, Dublin. Fumbally Exchange. [Conference contribution]

McComish, Liam (2012) Visual Communication:Pedagogy, Practice and the URB project. In: Machine for Experiential Urban Learning. PLACE, Belfast, pp. 79-103. ISBN 978-0-9558728-6-0 [Book section]

Moore, Michael (2012) 'About Buildings and Vessels' 2012 stage 'Dazzle' series. Marianne Heller Gallery. [Exhibition]

Moore, Michael (2012) Dazzle Series 2012 Philadelphia Sentinal 2. New Mexico Museum of Art [Artefact]

Moore, Michael (2012) 'Double Walled Form' Hand built ceramics 2012- Dazzle Series 2011-12. Farmleigh Gallery, Phoenix Park, Dublin, Ireland. [Exhibition]

Moore, Michael (2012) Grid Form. The Printworks, Dublin Castle, Ireland. [Exhibition]

Murphy, Cara (2012) Infuse. Victoria and Albert Museum [Artefact]

Sander, Ralf (2012) ”IMU” I am you. A/S Space Gallery, Krakow, Poland . [Exhibition]

Sander, Ralf (2012) Lady- Bird –Transformation (Mirage). BIFF/ Busan Film Center, South Korea [Artefact]

Sander, Ralf (2012) The Man Who Became a Rat. Centre of Polish Sculpture [Artefact]

Sander, Ralf (2012) Transformation/ Fragmentation/ DefragmentationMedusa Touch. AS Gallery/ F.E.McWilliam Gallery [Artefact]

Sander, Ralf (2012) THE WEATHER IS ON THE CHANGE. KAIST,the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology [Artefact]

Belford, Patricia, Storey, Helen and Ryan, Anthony (2011) HERSELF Catalytic Clothing. Howard Street [Artefact]

Blaney, Christine (2011) The Linked Project Interim Report. ADM-HEA Project Funding. ADM-HEA Networks magazine. 2 pp. [Research report (external)]

Blaney, Christine (2011) The Linked Project. ADM-HEA (Art, Design, Media-Higher Education Academy). ADM-HEA Networks Magazine, Issue 12. 2 pp. [Research report (external)]

Fleming, Karen (2011) ‘Linen Diaspora’ 4th Biennale Internationale du Lin. La Chevrotière mill, Deschambault, Biennale Internationale du Lin de Portneuf (BILP) Quebec. [Exhibition]

Fleming, Karen (2011) Splendeurs du Lin Irlandais. Musee regional de Kamouraska, Quebec. [Exhibition]

IONASCU, ADRIANA (2011) ‘Object and User Performance in Rituals', Book Chapter in ‘Visual and Performance Arts’, 2011 (Part B, Performing the Arts, Chapter 10, pp.131) Edited by Arbury, Andrew Stephen and Georgoulia, Aikaterini. Published by the Athens Institute for Education and Research ISBN: 978-960-9549-65-3. In: ‘Visual and Performance Arts’. (Eds: Arbury, Andrew Stephen and Aikaterini, Georgoulia), Published by the Athens Institute for Education and Research ISBN: 978-960-9549-65-3 , Athens Institute for Education and Research, ATINER. Kolonaki 10671©Copyright 2011 by the Athens Institute for Education and Research. The individual essays remain the intellectual properties of the contributors., pp. 131-138. ISBN ISBN: 978-960-9549-65-3 [Book section]

IONASCU, ADRIANA (2011) Evaluating Visual Models of Writing in Art and Design in Pataki, G, Illes, A. Karpati, A. (Ed.). 2011. Art Space Education. International Association for Education through Art. Budapest Hungarian Art Teachers’ Association.ISBN 978-963-08-1595-6. In: International INSEA World Congress and Pre-Conference at Moholy-Nagi University of Art and Design, Budapest , Moholy-Nagi University of Art and Design Budapest / Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest . International Association for Education through Art. Budapest Hungarian Art Teachers’ Association. . 186 pp. [Conference contribution]

McComish, Liam and McElveen, Richard (2011) Re:Collection. Meter House, Belfast. . [Exhibition]

McManus, Terri, Rogers, Tom, Gulbinaite, Neringa, Grubb, Louise and Manser, David (2011) Good Design Practices with Small Businesses. 4 pp. [Confidential report (external)]

Moore, Michael (2011) The Crafts in a Post Colonial Culture. ISSN 1833-1866. 2011. International Journal of the Arts in Society, 5 (6). pp. 225-234. [Journal article]

Moore, Michael (2011) Future Questions in Ceramics. In: Tidal Forces: The Next Wave. National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts 2011., Tapma, Florida, USA. National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts. 1 pp. [Conference contribution]

Moore, Michael (2011) 'Higher Shoulder' 'Drum Form' 'Third Wave'. The Farmleigh Gallery Dublin, The Millennium Court Arts Centre, Portadown, The Gallery, Limerick School of Art and Design and the Source Arts Centre, Thurles, Co. Tipperary [Artefact]

Moore, Michael (2011) Last Column. Musee National de la Ceramique, Sevres, France. [Artefact]

Moore, Michael (2011) Peter Beard. Ceramics Art and Perception, 85 . pp. 3-5. [Journal article]

Moore, Michael (2011) Synagogue Series. [Exhibition]

Murphy, Cara (2011) Contour. The SIlver Trust Collection at 10 Downing Street [Artefact]

Sander, Ralf (2011) My Private Wee Island. Hazelbank, Belfast [Performance]

Sander, Ralf (2011) ”one of the most dangerous creatures of our time”. Ulsan University [Artefact]

Belford, Patricia (2010) 'No more Leprechauns. 'Contemporary Souvenir' a multi disciplinary collaborative project. In: Design and Craft: a history of convergences and divergences, KONINKLIJKE VLAAMSE ACADEMIE van BELGIE. KONINKLIJKE VLAAMSE ACADEMIE van BELGIE. 553 pp. [Conference contribution]

Belford, Patricia, Morrow, Ruth and Storey, Helen (2010) Textiles: A Global Vision : The textile designer as ‘added value’. In: The Textile Institute Centenary Conference, Manchester UK. The Textile Institute. 1 pp. [Conference contribution]

Belford, Patricia, Morrow , Ruth and Acharasmit, Jarupatcha (2010) Building Cloud-Tactility Factory. Bangkok Design Festival -Central World [Artefact]

Belford, Patricia, Storey, Helen and Ryan, Tony (2010) CATALYTIC CLOTHING ('Herself'). Howard Street [Artefact]

Belford, Patricia, Storey, Helen and Ryan, Tony (2010) EXTREME COLLABORATION "Herself the first embodiment of catalytic clothing". Howard Street [Artefact]

Blaney, Christine (2010) Drawing Unlimited. In: Centre for Higher Education Practice “Festival of Innovative Practice” June 17th 2010, UU, Coleraine Campus . CHEP Festival of Innovation, UU Coleraine. 12 pp. [Conference contribution]

Conway, Sharon, Breen, Cathal, J and Fleming, Karen (2010) The art of teaching anatomy – a case study. Perspectives on Pedagogy and Practice, 3 . pp. 17-30. [Journal article]

Fleming, Karen and Conway, Sharon (2010) Flex & Ply: Does my S3 look big in this?The training of an artist as warrior intervenor. In: HEARTH L'Art Au Coeur du Territoire 11th ELIA Biennial Conference, Nantes, France . European League of Institutes of Art. 22 pp. [Conference contribution]

Fleming, Karen, Conway, Sharon and Breen, Cathal (2010) Mapping Anatomy. In: CHEP Festival of Innovative Practice, University of Ulster, Coleraine Campus. Sharon Conway. 33 pp. [Conference contribution]

Fleming, Karen, McLachlan, John Charles, Finn , Gabrielle and Ludlow, Aoife (2010) FLEX + PLY Textile Metaphors For Anatomy. An Exhibition. Hunterian Museum of Anatomy, Glasgow, UK. [Exhibition]

Golden, Saul and McComish, Liam (2010) What's Wrong with this Place? AdHoc Gallery/Haymarket Arcade. [Exhibition]

IONASCU, ADRIANA (2010) Global vs. Rural: Sustainable Practices of Making, Journal Contribution in 'Making Futures, The Crafts in the Context of Emerging Global Sustainability Agendas, Ed. Ferris, M. and Bolton, T. 2010. ISSN 2042-1664. Making Futures: The Crafts in the Context of Emerging Global Sustainability Agendas, 1 . pp. 36-40. [Journal article]

IONASCU, ADRIANA (2010) Urban Globalism versus Rural Artisans: Sustainable Practices of Making. In: Making Futures 2009, International Conference - The Crafts in the Context of Emerging Global Sustainability Agendas, Plymouth College of Art, Devon, UK, 17 - 18th September 2009 . Plymouth College of Art. Vol n/a (n/a) 7 pp. [Conference contribution]

Ionascu, Adriana (2010) The seventh ICDHS conference ‘Design and Craft’: A History of Convergences’, Brussels, Belgium, (2010) – The International Committee of Design History and Design Studies). In: Design and Craft: A History of Convergences and Divergences. (Eds: Gimeno-Martinez, Javier and Flore, Fredie), Weteren: Universa Press, pp. 242-246. ISBN 978 90 6569 071 5 [Book section]

MacWilliam, Shirley (2010) Writings on Daphne Wright: ‘The Stallion, the Monkey and the Man’ Daphne Wright, Traits of Sidney, Frith Street Gallery, London; ‘Prayer Project’ (essay) Prayer Project, Daphne Wright, Quad Art Centre, Derby. [Body of work]

McComish, Liam (2010) Font Design. [Design]

McComish, Liam (2010) Word on the street. In: ATypI 2010 – 'The Word' Association Typographique Internationale, Dublin Castle, 8–12 September 2010. Association Typographique Internationale. [Conference contribution]

McManus, Terri, Smith, Craig and Uemura, Emi (2010) It Begins. [Digital or visual media]

Moore, Michael (2010) Danish Series 2. [Artefact]

Moore, Michael (2010) Dazzle Series, Second Skin. The Clay Studio, The International Ceramics Museum China, Marianne Heller Gallery, Germany, the Farmleigh Gallery, Dublin. [Artefact]

Moore, Michael (2010) Irish Ceramics and the Danish Influence. In: European Ceramic Context, School of Design, Bornholm, Denmark. European Ceramics Context. 7 pp. [Conference contribution]

Moore, Michael (2010) Philadelphia Sentinel 2. The American Museum of Ceramic Art [Artefact]

Morrow, Ruth and Belford, Patricia (2010) A HYBRID PRACTICE - BETWEEN DESIGN AND CRAFT. In: Design and Craft: A history of Convergencies & Divergencies, Palais des Académies, Brussels, Belgium. KONINKLIJKE VLAAMSE ACADEMIE van BELGIE. 5 pp. [Conference contribution]

Murphy, Cara (2010) Disperse. National Craft Gallery [Artefact]

O'Hare, Helen (2010) Beneath the Surface. FELT Issue No 4 Page 8, 9, Issue 4 . pp. 8-9. [Journal article]

O'Hare, Helen (2010) Catalogue: Kivipankki Gallery, Finland, 2010. Helen O’Hare page 34,. In: The Feltmaker of the Year 2010, Leena Sipila, Finnish Felt Association. Leena Sipila, pp. 34-35. ISBN 978-952-92-7961-6 [Book section]

O'Hare, Helen (2010) "Changing Environment". [Artefact]

O'Hare, Helen (2010) Helen O'Hare - Selected show. [Artefact]

O'Hare, Helen (2010) Tracks. [Artefact]

Sander, Ralf (2010) Equations. Queens Street Studios. [Exhibition]

Sander, Ralf (2010) Korean Energy. SNU [Artefact]

Sander, Ralf (2010) Magnetic Drawings. Project Space/ Spare Room [Artefact]

Sander, Ralf (2010) “Sound hoover”. KUNSTWERK CARLSHUTTE /Rendsburg, Hamburg, Germany [Artefact]

Whitty, Dr. Audrey and Moore, Michael (2010) ''Departures' Michael Moore'. Ceramics Art and Perception, 79 . pp. 3-8. [Journal article]

McComish, Liam, ed. (2009) Les Enfonts. 116 pp. Nicholson and Bass. ISBN 978-1-905989-84-3 [Book (edited)]

Anna, Cebula (2009) "Being Present". [Artefact]

Belford, Patricia and Hann, Michael (2009) International Reviewer for Berg Publishers (September, 2009: Structure and Form: authored by Professor Michael Hann)Structure & Form by Michael Hann., Berg Publishing [Other]

University of Ulster (2009) Composite concrete article and method of manufacture thereof (Process A). [Patent]

Belford, Patricia and Morrow, Ruth (2009) Fossilized Textiles. In: Integration of Design & Science, LIght & Materials, Colour & Environment, Royal Institute of British Architects, London. Kinsgton University & The Colour Group Great Britain. 1 pp. [Conference contribution]

Belford, Patricia and Morrow, Ruth (2009) Girli Concrete Derry playhouse folded frieze. The Derry Playhouse [Artefact]

University of Ulster (2009) Method of manufacture of a composite concrete article (Process B). [Patent]

University of Ulster (2009) Method of manufacture of a composite concrete article (Process C). [Patent]

University of Ulster: Inventors - Patricia Belford & Ruth Morrow (2009) Process A - Linen embedded in concrete. [Patent]

Belford, Patricia and Morrow, Ruth (2009) Textile Applications: Digital and Traditional; Industry and Academia. In: Two Cultures, Macclesfield, Cheshire. The Textile Society. 3 pp. [Conference contribution]

Belford, Patricia and Morrow, Ruth (2009) Urban Buzz. The Lodon Building design centre. [Exhibition]

Belford, Patricia, Morrow, Ruth, Crangle, Andy and Campbell, Donna (2009) Woven Concrete. In: Ars Textrina, Leeds University. ULITA Leeds. 3 pp. [Conference contribution]

Breen, Cathal, Conway, Sharon, Fleming, Karen, Byrne, Helen and McLachlan, John (2009) The Art of Teaching Anatomy - presentation. In: CHEP Inaugural Symposium. Centre for Higher Education and Research Practice. 24 pp. [Conference contribution]

Fleming, Karen (2009) Review Felt by Williow G Mullins. Times Higher Education (1895). p. 49. [Journal article]

Fleming, Karen, Ludlow, Aoife and Neil, Duncan (2009) Heidi Jump. [Artefact]

Fleming, Karen and McLachlan, John (2009) “Flex + Ply” : Material metaphors for knowledge and understanding of anatomy. In: Medical Humanities Symposium, Centre for the History of Medicine in Ireland, University of Ulster Coleraine. UNSPECIFIED. 1 pp. [Conference contribution]

Fleming, Karen and McLachlan, John (2009) Flex and Ply – the body, aesthetics, and symbolism in medicine and art. Public Engagement in the medical humanities. In: Medical Humanities Frontiers Meeting, Highgate House, Creaton, Northhampton. UNSPECIFIED. 6 pp. [Conference contribution]

Fleming, Karen and McLachlan, John (2009) Flex and Ply: Does my S2 look big in this? In: amee 2009 An International Association for Medical Education Malaga Spain , Malaga Spain. UNSPECIFIED. 1 pp. [Conference contribution]

Fleming, Karen and McLachlan, John (2009) Keynote. In: The 15th ETN Conference, including the General Assembly Haslach/Upper Austria, Linz, Austria. UNSPECIFIED. 1 pp. [Conference contribution]

Fleming, Karen and McLachlan, John (2009) “Tactility, Object and Knowledge: Art and Anatomy Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration”. In: International Popular Culture Conference Summer 2009 , Turku Finland. UNSPECIFIED. [Conference contribution]

Fleming, Karen and McLachlan, John (2009) Textile Metaphors for Anatomy. In: Joint Conference of the National Popular Culture and American Culture Associations, PCAACA 2009, New Orleans Marriott. UNSPECIFIED. 402 pp. [Conference contribution]

Fleming, Karen, McLachlan, John and Ludlow, Aoife (2009) Tactility, Material and Making: Crafting Medical Education. In: Making Futures: The Crafts in the context of global sustainability and environmental issues Conference September 2009 , Plymouth College of Art. UNSPECIFIED. 1 pp. [Conference contribution]

Fleming, Karen, McLachlan, John Charles, Finn, Gabrielle and Ludlow, Aoife (2009) Dermatomes (Artefacts) 1.Documentary photographs of mapping dermatomes 2.Dermatome Jeans ( 3 versions)3.Presentation of Mapping and research process on real body morphologies. 4th International Conference of the European Society for the History of Science,Societat Catalana d’Historia de la Ciéncia I de la Técnica (SCHCT) [Artefact]

Ionascu, Adriana (2009) Design at Play: Immaterial Forms of Consumption. In: NORDES 2009 3rd Nordic Design Research International Conference, Engaging Artefacts, Designing Artefacts for Performability and Sustainability , The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) in collaboration with University of Oslo. Oslo School of Architecture and Design . Vol n/a (n/a) 4 pp. [Conference contribution]

Ionascu, Adriana (2009) Framing Design Narratives: Collecting. Writing Design: Object, Process, Discourse, Translation, n/a (n/a). pp. 1-6. [Journal article]

McManus, Terri and Gray, Denise (2009) Embedding e-Learning Technologies Enhancement of the ‘Student Experience’ by the development of a complimentary educational online support system for Foundation Studies in Art and Design. In: The University of Northampton Learning and Teaching Conference 2009: Transitions, Sunley Management Centre, Park Campus, University of Northampton.. The University of Northampton Learning and Teaching Conference 2009: Transitions. 13 pp. [Conference contribution]

Moore, Michael (2009) Danish Series 1-5. Galerie Carla Koch. [Exhibition]

Moore, Michael (2009) Drum Form, High Shoulder, 3rd Wave. [Exhibition]

Moore, Michael (2009) 'High Shoulder' 2007. [Artefact]

Moore, Michael (2009) 'Last Column' 2009. National Craft Gallery of Ireland. [Exhibition]

Moore, Michael (2009) Public Art Public Spaces. In: Public Sculpture Symposium, International Ceramics Research Centre, Guldagergaard, Denmark.. International Ceramics Research Centre Denmark (ICRC). 5 pp. [Conference contribution]

Moore, Michael (2009) 'Split Form' (2008) and ''The Watcher' (2008). [Artefact]

Moore, Michael (2009) Switchform. [Artefact]

Murphy, Cara (2009) Crevice. [Artefact]

Murphy, Cara (2009) Immerse. [Artefact]

Murphy, Cara (2009) Meniscus. [Artefact]

Murphy, Cara (2009) Ridge. [Artefact]

Sander, Ralf (2009) Gravity graphic,. Seoul National University Museum [Artefact]

Sander, Ralf (2009) Menschenbilder, Human Image. Skulpturenforum Isernhagen [Artefact]

Sander, Ralf (2009) Menschenbilder, Human Image. Skulpturenforum Isernhagen [Artefact]

Sander, Ralf (2009) World Saving Machine I and III. MoA, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, S.Korea [Artefact]

Belford, Patricia, Ludlow, Aoife, Neil, Duncan and Storey, Helen (2008) Wonderland - 'Plastic is Precious'. Ormeau Baths Gallery, Belfast, Northern Ireland. [Exhibition]

Belford, Patricia and Morrow, Ruth (2008) IFAI International Design Exhibition, North Carolina, USA 2008 - Acoustic Girli Concrete. Charlotte, NC. USA. [Exhibition]

Belford, Patricia and Morrow, Ruth (2008) INNOVATIVE TEXTILE APPLICATIONS: Digital and Traditional: Industry and Academia. In: The 86th International World Conference of The Textile Institute, Hong Kong. 'Heading towards new horizons', Hong Kong Polytechnic, Hong Kong. The Textie Institute. 3 pp. [Conference contribution]

Blaney, Christine (2008) Ideas on Human Rights. Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast Exposes, Waterfront Hall. [Exhibition]

Blaney, Christine and McComish, Liam (2008) Wordscape. In: IDC '08: 7th International Conference on Interaction Design and Children, Chicago, USA. IDC '08. 4 pp. [Conference contribution]

Fleming, Karen (2008) HUMAN FUTURES - ART IN AN AGE of UNCERTAINTY. [Other]

Fleming, Karen and McLachlan, John (2008) Incisions Gown I. [Artefact]

Ionascu, Adriana (2008) Altering Physical Functions: The Re-Design of the BodyNatural and Manmade: Medical Design and some other Design Frontiers. 6 pp. [Confidential report (external)]

MacWilliam, Shirley (2008) Mirror Trees. Bluestone Mental Health Unit, Craigavon Area Hospital, Northern Ireland [Artefact]

Moore, Michael (2008) Acrobat. [Artefact]

Moore, Michael (2008) Departures. Michael Moore Departures’.Solo Touring Exhibition Millennium Court Arts Centre Portadown Feb 4th- Mar 30th Wexford Arts Centre May 16th – June 30th Strule Arts Centre Omagh, July – August Farmleigh Gallery Dublin (OPW) Sept 1st – Oct 20th. 200. [Exhibition]

Moore, Michael (2008) 'Highest Tower' 2008. Taipei County Yinnge Ceramics Museum. [Exhibition]

Murphy, Cara (2008) Seed Heads. [Artefact]

O'Hare, Helen (2008) UNFAMILIAR STILLNESS. The F.E.McWillian Gallery & Studio,Banbridge, Northern Ireland. [Exhibition]

Sander, Ralf (2008) CO2 Absorber WSM2. Crane Art Center [Artefact]

Sander, Ralf (2008) Goetz. The Basement Gallery [Artefact]

Sander, Ralf (2008) Tidal Wings. Titanic Quarter [Artefact]

Sander, Ralf (2008) Walking on Water. Novosibirsk State Art Museum [Artefact]

Trish Belford, Trish Belford, Helen Storey, Professor Helen Storey and Tony Ryan, Professor Tony Ryan (2008) WONDERLAND: Plastics is Precious: The disappearing dresses. [Artefact]

Ionascu, Adriana and Scott, David (2007) Common Objects Common Gestures. Ceramics Art and Perception, 68 . pp. 86-89. [Journal article]

Moore, Michael (2007) About: Michael Moore. Perspective, The Royal Society of Ulster Architects, 16 (4). pp. 82-84. [Journal article]

Moore, Michael (2007) 'Floating Outcrop'. [Artefact]

Moore, Michael (2007) (History of) Irish Studio Ceramics of the C20th, an outline of its origins and evolution. In: Utopic Impulses, Contemporary Ceramics Practice. Ronsdale Press, pp. 57-67. ISBN 978-1-55380-52-1 [Book section]

Moore, Michael (2007) 'Sentinel' and 'Transition'. Farmleigh Gallery Dublin, Ireland. Aberyswyth Arts Centre, Wales. [Exhibition]

Moore, Michael (2006) Marcus O' Mahoney. Ceramics Monthly (American Ceramic Society), 54 (7). pp. 42-45. [Journal article]

Wright, Terence and Moore, Michael (2006) Marking the Earth. Maris Gallery, Perm, Russia. [Exhibition]

Blaney, Christine (2005) Rumpelstiltskin in Traditional and New Digital Media. In: Nordes: In the Making, Copenhagen, Denmark. Nordes: Nordic Design Research. 5 pp. [Conference contribution]

Murphy, Cara (2004) Gathered Pebbles. [Artefact]

Blaney, Christine (1993) My Dog's Day: A Moving Book. Tango Books, London and Viking Childrens Books (Imprint of Penguin Young Readers Group) New York. 16 pp ISBN 1 85707 032 1 (UK) and 0-670-85202-3 (USA) [Book (authored)]

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