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Ekins, Richard and Freeman, Ruth, eds. (2015) Anna Freud: Selected Writings. Edited with introductions by Richard Ekins and Ruth Freeman. 336 pp. Penguin Modern Classics. ISBN 978-0-141-98091-1 [Book (edited)]

Baker, Stephen (2015) Loyalism on film and out of context. In: The Contested Identities of Ulster Protestants. (Eds: Burgess, Thomas Paul and Mulvenna, Gareth), Palgrave Macmillan, London, pp. 83-97. ISBN 9781137453938 [Book section]

Cadieux, Lee (2015) Irish Music Magazine Review of Commercial Audio Recording/CD., Irish Music Magazine [Other]

Chambers, Ciara (2015) The 'aftermath' of the Rising in cinema newsreels. In: Making 1916: The Material and Visual Culture of the Easter Rising. (Eds: Godson , Lisa and Brück, Joanna), Liverpool University Press, Liverpool, pp. 70-79. ISBN 9781781381229 [Book section]

Ekins, Richard (2015) Dorothy Richardson, Quakerism and 'Undoing': Reflections on the Rediscovery of Two Unpublished Letters. Pilgrimages: A Journal of Dorothy Richardson Studies, 7 . pp. 44-58. [Journal article]

Ekins, Richard and Freeman, Ruth (2015) 'Introduction' and 18 'linking passages' to Anna Freud: Selected Writings. In: Anna Freud: Selected Writings, Penguin Modern Classics. (Eds: Ekins, Richard and Freeman, Ruth), Penguin Books, xi-xxxiii. ISBN 9780-141-98091-1 [Book section]

Hook, Alan (2015) Archie's Cave. [Digital or visual media]

Hook, Alan (2015) /v/IRAL /v/IDEO /d/ISCO Interview - Mark Duffet. 1 pp [Internet publication]

McLaughlin, Greg and Baker, Stephen (2015) The British Media and Bloody Sunday. Intellect. Bristol. 166 pp ISBN 978-1-78320-182-2 [Book (authored)]

Baylis, Gail (2014) 'Boys dressing up: the visual performance of masculinities and Ireland 1916'. In: Femininties and Maculinities conference, Lisbon, Portugal. Inter-disciplinary.net. 15 pp. [Conference contribution]

Baylis, Gail (2014) A few too many photographs? Indexing digital histories. History of Photography, 38 (1). pp. 3-20. [Journal article]

Baylis, Gail (2014) Gender in the Frame: photography and the performance of the nation narrative in early twentieth-century Ireland. Irish Studies Review, 22 (2). pp. 184-206. [Journal article]

Baylis, Gail (2014) Remembering to Forget: marginalised visual representations in the Irish nation narrative. Kyntypa/Culture, 7 . pp. 123-135. [Journal article]

Cadieux, Lee (2014) Musical performance at the Celtic Music Festival, Avenches, Switzerland, June 2014. Avenches, Switzerland [Performance]

Cadieux, Lee (2014) The Old Canal (©2014 L.Cadieux). [Composition]

Cadieux, Lee (2014) Supervising Doctoral Studies: Evaluating Research Potential in Applicants., Epigeum [Other]

Chambers, Ciara (2014) "Amazing Finds in UTV Archives" featured on UTV Live, Friday 4th July 2014. [Other]

Chambers, Ciara and Monahan, Barry (2014) A Film Festival of Ideas. Film Ireland, Film Base, 0 pp [Internet publication]

Edge, Sarah (2014) 'He's a Good Solider, He cares About the Future ' : Post- Feminist Masculinities , The IRA Man and 'Peace' in Northern Ireland. In: Masculinity And Irish Popular Culture Tiger's Tales. Palgrave macmillan, Basingstoke England, 195 -206. ISBN 978-1-137-30023-2 [Book section]

Edge, Sarah (2014) Reading the Fenian Photographs: A historically and culturally located study. In: Visual Communication. (Eds: Machin, David), De Gruter Mouton, Berlin, pp. 483-500. ISBN 978-3-11-025548-5 [Book section]

Ekins, Richard (2014) 'I Nearly Wept at its Humble Ravishing Sincerity': Philip Larkin and the Veteran Jazz Musicians of New Orleans. Just Jazz, 188 . pp. 6-8. [Journal article]

Ekins, Richard (2014) A New Orleans Anthology, 1963-1968. [Digital or visual media]

Ekins, Richard (2014) The Social Construction of a Music Mecca: Goin' Home, New Orleans and International New Orleans Jazz Revivalism. Popular Music History, 8 (1). pp. 5-22. [Journal article]

Ekins, Richard and Saunderson, Wendy (2014) Does Pitch Rectification Matter in New Orleans Jazz? The Case of the Kid Thomas Band at Kohlman's Tavern, 1968. Just Jazz, 190 . pp. 8-12. [Journal article]

Jackson, Helen, Privilege, John and Lynn, Wilson (2014) War for Big words, in a Small Place. Coleraine Town Hall [Installation]

Mairs Dyer, Jolene (2014) 'Unseen Women: Stories from Armagh Gaol.' Exhibiting Contrasting Memories of a Contested Space. In: Challenging History in the Museum. International Perspectives. Ashgate, Farnham, Surry, pp. 163-174. ISBN 978-1-4094-6724-3 [Book section]

McLaughlin, Gregory, Baker, Stephen and Morris, Sue (2014) 'I can say this with absolute certainty. I was there.'. Crescent Arts Centre [Artefact]

McLoone, Martin and McLaughlin, Noel (2014) From Men to Boys: Masculinity, Politics and the Irish Boy Band. In: Masculinity and Irish Popular Cultur: Tiger's Tales. (Eds: Holohan, Conn and Tracy, Tony), Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 61-74. ISBN 978 0-1 -137 -30023 - 2 [Book section]

Pearson, Roberta and Messenger Davies, Máire (2014) Star Trek and American Television. University of California Press. Berkeley, Los Angeles, California; London, UK. 239 pp ISBN 978-0-520-27622-2 [Book (authored)]

Porter, Robert, Mackenzie , Iain and Dillet, Benoit, eds. (2013) The Edinburgh Companion to Poststructuralism. Edinburgh. 546 pp. Edinburgh University Press. ISBN ISBN 978 0 7486 4122 2 (hardback) [Book (edited)]

Baker, Stephen (2013) Early Doors and the Working Class Idyll. Journal of British Cinema and Television, 10 (1). pp. 224-240. [Journal article]

Baylis, Gail and Burke, Anne (2013) Re-walking London Street, Derry within the Walls of London. In: The London Reader 1. The London Symposuim, London/ebook, pp. 109-118. ISBN 9780957363106 [Book section]

Cadieux, Lee (2013) Performance: Simulacrum Immediated. University of Uster at Magee [Performance]

Cadieux, Lee (2013) Ubiquanny: Uncanny Perceptions of Ubiquitous Computing. THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF DESIGN IN SOCIETY, 6 (2). pp. 39-51. [Journal article]

Chambers, Ciara (2013) An Advertiser’s Dream: The Construction of the "Consumptionist" Cinematic Persona of Mercedes Gleitze. Alphaville: Journal of Film and Screen Media , University College Cork, 0 pp [Internet publication]

Chambers, Ciara (2013) The Spence Brothers: Amateur Sci-fi and Cine Culture in Northern Ireland. In: Small-gauge Storytelling: Discovering the Amateur Fiction Film. (Eds: Shand, Ryan and Craven, Ian), Edinburgh University Press, pp. 373-399. ISBN 978-0748656349 [Book section]

Crilly, Anne (2013) The Maidens' City Project. [Body of work]

Eatherton, Fred and Ekins, Richard (2013) DAN PAWSON – A DISCOGRAPHY: Dan Pawson on vinyl, tape, CD and DVD (1960-2002). [Revised and expanded edition]. 85 pp [Internet publication]

Edge, Sarah (2013) Photography and Poststructuralism: The Indexical and Iconic Sign System. In: The Edinburgh Companion to Postructuralism. (Eds: Dillet, Benoit, Mackenzie, Iain and Porter, Robert), Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh, pp. 311-332. ISBN 978074864122 [Book section]

Ekins, Richard (2013) A Concise History of the University of Ulster, Trans-Gender Archive (1986-2010). 2 pp [Internet publication]

Ekins, Richard and Radcliffe, Debbie (2013) Jerome K Jerome's Residences in Fitzrovia and Bloomsbury. Camden History Review, 37 . pp. 20-24. [Journal article]

Ekins, Richard and Radcliffe, Debbie (2013) Jerome K. Jerome's Residences in Fitzrovia and Bloomsbury: Some Preliminary Findings. Idle Thoughts: The Jerome K. Jerome Society Newsletter, 34 . pp. 38-47. [Journal article]

Ekins, Richard and Saunderson, Wendy (2013) Lesser Known Aspects of the Bunk Johnson Legacy in New Iberia. Just Jazz, 184 . pp. 32-33. [Journal article]

Hook, Alan (2013) Finding Janet. [Design]

Hook, Alan (2013) MYNI2013. [Digital or visual media]

Hook, Alan and Murphy, Oonagh (2013) This is Our Playground: Recognising the value of students as innovators. In: MW2013: Museums and the Web 2013, Portland, Oregon. Museums and the Web. 1 pp. [Conference contribution]

Hook, Alan and Murphy, Oonagh (2013) This Is Our Playground: Recognizing the Value of Students as Innovators. In: Managing Employability in a Changing Landscape, Jordanstown Campus, University of Ulster. University of Ulster. 1 pp. [Conference contribution]

Jackson, Helen and Hickey, Adrian (2013) History Space: Downhill Demesne. [Device or product]

Jewesbury, Daniel (2013) On the Real and the Visible in Experimental Documentary Film. In: Truth, Dare or Promise: Art and Documentary Revisited. (Eds: McLaughlin, Cahal and Pearce, Gail), Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Cambridge, pp. 66-77. ISBN 1-4438-4959-6 [Book section]

Mairs Dyer, Jolene (2013) Unseen Women: Stories from Armagh Gaol. Collaborative post-conflict documentary. Journal of Media Practice Screenworks, 4 (5). [Journal article]

Messenger Davies, Maire (2013) Moral panics and the young: The James Bulger Murder, 1993. In: The Ashgate Research Companion to Moral Panics. (Eds: Krinsky, Charles), Ashgate, Farnham, Surrey, UK; Burlington VT, USA, pp. 233-247. ISBN 9781409408116 [Book section]

Messenger Davies, Maire, Carter, Cynthia, Allan, Stuart and Mendes, Kaitylynn (2013) ‘News, Children and Citizenship: User-Generated Content and the BBC’s Newsround Website’. In: Content Cultures. (Eds: Thornham, Helen and Popple, Simon), I B Tauris, pp. 15-36. ISBN 9781780765143 [Book section]

Murphy, Colm (2013) Making Freedom of Information Work; An Evaluation of an Interactive Approach To Teaching Journalism Students How To Use It Effectively. , n/a . pp. 1-10. [Journal article]

Porter, Robert, Mackenzie, Iain and Dillet, Benoit (2013) Conclusion: Poststructuralism Today? In: The Edinburgh Companion to Poststructuralism. Edinburgh University Press, pp. 507-526. ISBN ISBN 978 0 7486 4122 2 (hardback) [Book section]

Porter, Robert, Mackenzie, Iain and Dillet, Benoit (2013) Introduction. In: The Edinburgh Companion to Poststructuralism. (Eds: Porter, Robert, Mackenzie , Iain and Dillet , Benoit), Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh, pp. 1-19. ISBN ISBN 978 0 7486 4122 2 (hardback) [Book section]

Thornton, Niamh (2013) Revolution and Rebellion in Mexican Film. Continuum. New York. 192 pp ISBN 9781441168122 [Book (authored)]

Barrios-O'Neil, Danielle and Hook, Alan (2012) Alternate Reality Games and Literature. In: Using Games to Enhance Learning and Teaching: A Beginner's Guide. (Eds: Whitton, Nicola and Moseley, Alex), Routledge, pp. 178-192. ISBN 978-0-415-89772-3 [Book section]

Baylis, Gail (2012) Exchanging looks: Gap girls and colleens in early Irish tourist photography. Early Popular Visual Culture, 10 (4). pp. 325-343. [Journal article]

Baylis, Gail (2012) 'The eviction photograph as Shifting Trace'. In: Memory Ireland, volume 2. (Eds: Frawley, Oona), Syracuse University Press, New York, pp. 171-184. ISBN 978-0-8156-3297-9 [Book section]

Cadieux, Lee (2012) Picture Box Redux: New Perspectives on Pictorial Imaging. THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF THE IMAGE, 2 (3). pp. 139-152. [Journal article]

Cadieux, Lee (2012) Seminar: Queens University Belfast 08 02 2012. In: Events Spring 2012 School of Creative Arts. Queens University Belfast. 52 pp. [Conference contribution]

Chambers, Ciara (2012) 'British for the British - Irish Events for the Irish': Indigenous Newsreel Production in Ireland. Historical Journal of film, radio and television, 32 (3). pp. 361-377. [Journal article]

Chambers, Ciara (2012) Column: Sick of government spin? Well it's nothing new... www.journal.ie4 pp [Internet publication]

Chambers, Ciara (2012) Ireland in the Newsreels. Irish Academic Press. Dublin. 288 pp ISBN 0716531135 [Book (authored)]

Chambers, Ciara (2012) Capturing Ireland: The Travelogues of JJ Tohill. In: Tourists & Nomads: Amateur Images of Migration. (Eds: Kmec, Sonja and Thill, Vivane), Jonas Verlag, Marburg, pp. 57-65. ISBN 978-3-89445-464-7 [Book section]

Eatherton, Fred and Ekins, Richard (2012) DAN PAWSON – A DISCOGRAPHY: Dan Pawson on vinyl, tape, CD and DVD (1960-2002). http://www.lacroixrecords.com/, 55 pp [Internet publication]

Ekins, Richard (2012) Authenticity as authenticating—the case of New Orleans jazz revivalism: An approach from grounded theory and social world analysis. Popular Music History, 7 (1). pp. 24-52. [Journal article]

Ekins, Richard (2012) Early Jazz and New Orleans Jazz Revivalism (2008-2012). [Body of work]

Ekins, Richard and Crediton-Hughes, Richard (2012) La Croix Records website - Early Jazz and New Orleans Jazz Revivalism. 84 pp [Internet publication]

Hook, Alan and Murphy, Oonagh (2012) The Foursquare Mayor Chair. Originally Installed at Crescent Arts Center, Belfast [Installation]

Hook, Alan and Murphy, Oonagh (2012) This Is Our Playground. 1 pp [Internet publication]

Jewesbury, Daniel (2012) Belfast - Our Time, Our Place. Edinburgh Review, 136 . pp. 92-103. [Journal article]

Mairs Dyer, Jolene and McLaughlin, Cahal (2012) Unheard Voices: Recording stories from the Troubles. In: Documentary in a Changing State. Ireland since the 1990s. Cork University Press, Cork, Ireland, pp. 29-41. ISBN 978-1859-18491-2 [Book section]

McLaughlin, Gregory (2012) 'Pockets of Resistance: British news media, war and theory in the 2003 invasion of Iraq'. Book review. Journalism Studies, 13 (4). pp. 653-655. [Journal article]

McLaughlin, Gregory and Baker, Stephen (2012) The media, the peace dividend and "bread and butter" politics. Political Quarterly, 83 (2). pp. 292-298. [Journal article]

McLaughlin , Noel and McLoone, Martin (2012) Rock and Popular Music in Ireland: Before and After U2. Irish Academic Press. Dublin. 338 pp ISBN 9780716530763 (cloth) 9780716530770 (paper) [Book (authored)]

Murphy, Colm (2012) Murphy, C. (2012). Business Journalism. In: Turner, B. and Orange, R. Specialist Journalism. London: Routledge. Pps 20- 30. In: Specialist Journalism. Routledge, London, pp. 20-30. ISBN 0415582857 [Book section]

Murphy, Colm (2012) Policymaking for Digital Media Growth. Faculty Global. Dublin. 158 pp ISBN 978-0-9572847-0-8 [Book (authored)]

Murphy, Oonagh and Hook, Alan (2012) This Is Our Playground: Museums and Digital Research and Development. [Body of work]

Thornton, Niamh (2012) “Fairies at the Bottom of the Garden: Writers Crossing Digital Borders”. Forum for Inter-American Research, 5 (1). [Journal article]

Thornton, Niamh (2012) “It just looks like more of Texas”: Journeys and Travel Narratives in the Western. In: (Re)Discovering ‘America’ Road Movies and Other Travel Narratives in North America / (Re)Descubriendo ‘América’ Road movie y otras narrativas de viaje en América del Norte. Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier & Bilingual Press / Editorial Bilingüe, Trier & Arizona, pp. 1-20. ISBN 978-1-931010-91-7 [Book section]

Thornton, Niamh (2012) “Wide-eyed Boys and Star Kids: Children and Violence in Voces inocentes (2004) and La lengua de las mariposas (1999)”. In: Dictatorships in the Hispanic World:Transatlantic and Transnational Perspectives. Rowman & Littlefield, Lanham, Maryland, pp. 65-80. ISBN 9781611475890 [Book section]

Baker, Stephen and McLaughlin, Gregory (2011) Give my head politics., The Worker's Party [Other]

Chambers, Ciara (2011) BUFVC databases go 'outside the box'. Viewfinder, 84 . pp. 14-15. [Journal article]

Chambers, Ciara (2011) Early Irish Cinema. Historical Journal of film, radio and television, 31 (1). pp. 95-96. [Journal article]

Chambers, Ciara (2011) The O'Kalem Collection: 1910-1915. Cineaste, XXXVII (1). pp. 66-67. [Journal article]

Edge, Sarah (2011) Traces of Traces: An Exploration of the Albums of William Mckinney. Dunree Art Gallery Buncrana Donegal Ireland. [Exhibition]

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Hook, Alan (2011) IMAKILLER. [Digital or visual media]

Hook, Alan and Barrios, Danielle (2011) Constellations of Belfast. Cresent Arts Centre. [Exhibition]

Hook, Alan and Barrios, Danielle (2011) [in]visible belfast. [Body of work]

Hook, Alan and Barrios, Danielle (2011) The Water Clock. The Brian Friel Theatre [Performance]

Hook, Alan and Barrios-O'Neil, Daniel (2011) [in]visible belfast: Alternate Reality Games, Remediation and Literature. [Body of work]

Mairs Dyer, Jolene (2011) Unseen Women: Stories from Armagh Gaol. Belfast Exposed. [Exhibition]

Mairs Dyer, Jolene and McLaughlin, Cahal (2011) Unseen Women: Stories from Armagh Gaol. [Digital or visual media]

McLaughlin, Cahal (2011) 'Response to Human Cost of War'. [Digital or visual media]

McLaughlin, Gregory (2011) Those Post-devolution, Falling Revenues Blues: A Political Economyof Northern Ireland’s News Media. In: Centres and Peripheries: Metropolitan and Non-Metropolitan Journalism in the Twenty-First Century. (Eds: Hutchinson, David and O'Donnell, Hugh), Cambridge Scholars Publishing, pp. 27-41. ISBN 1-4438-2671-5 [Book section]

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Porter, Robert (2011) Dramatization as Method in Political Theory. Contemporary Political Theory, 18 (3). pp. 400-418. [Journal article]

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Jackson, Helen (2010) titanic rediscOvered. [Device or product]

Jewesbury, Daniel (2010) NLR. [Digital or visual media]

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