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Korik, Attila, Siddique, NH and Coyle, Damien (2014) Brief review of non-invasive motion trajectory prediction based brain-compurer interfaces. In: The 8th IEEE EMBS UK & RI Postgraduate Conference in Biomedical Engineering & Medical Physics, Warwick. University of Warwick. 2 pp. [Conference contribution]

Korik, Attila, Siddique, NH, Sosnik, Ronen and Coyle, Damien (2014) Correlation of EEG Band Power and Hand Motion Trajectory. In: 6th International BCI Conference 2014. Graz University of Technology . 4 pp. [Conference contribution]

Siddique, NH (2014) Intelligent Control: A Hybrid Approach based on Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms. Springer. 294 pp ISBN 978-3-319-02134-8 [Book (authored)]


Hasan, S.F., Siddique, N and Chakraborty, Shyam (2013) Intelligent Transport Systems: 802.11-based Roadside-to-Vehicle Communications. Springer. New York. 150 pp ISBN 978-1-4614-3271-5 [Book (authored)]

Hasan, S.F., Siddique, NH, Chakraborty, Shyam, Ding, X and Gao, W (2013) Scanning and Address Allocation Delays in Vehicular Communications. Wireless Personal Communications, 68 (4). pp. 1415-1433. [Journal article]

IKUTA, Akira, Siddique, NH and ORIMOTO, Hisao (2013) Prediction of Output Response Probability of Sound Environment System using Simplified Model with Stochastic Regression and Fuzzy Inference. Fuzzy Information and Engineering, 5 (2). pp. 173-190. [Journal article]

Nichols, E, McDaid, LJ and Siddique, NH (2013) Biologically Inspired SNN for Robot Control. IEEE Transaction on Systems, Man and Cybernetics – Part B: Cybernetics , 43 (1). pp. 115-128. [Journal article]

Siddique, N and Adeli, H (2013) Computational Intelligence: Synergies of Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks and Evolutionary Computing. John Wiley & Sons. Chichester, West Sussex, UK. 532 pp ISBN 978-1-1183-3784-4 [Book (authored)]


Ahmad, S, Siddique, NH and Tokhi, MO (2012) Evolutionary Tuning of Modular Fuzzy Controller for Two-wheeled Wheelchair. International Journal of Computational Intelligence and Applications, 11 (2). pp. 1-23. [Journal article]

Ahmad, S, Siddique, NH and Tokhi, MO (2012) Modular Fuzzy Logic Controller for Motion Control of Two-Wheeled Wheelchair. In: Fuzzy Logic. InTech, pp. 37-58. ISBN 979-953-307-872-3 [Book section]

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Siddique, NH and Amavasai, BP (2012) An Investigation into Adaptive Capacity of Recurrent Neural Networks. In: Contemporary Achievements in Intelligent Systems. Springer, pp. 119-138. ISBN 978-3-642-32176-4 [Book section]


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Ripon, K.S.N., Siddique, N.H. and Torresen, J. (2011) Improved Precedence Preservation Crossover for Multi-objective Job Shop Scheduling Problem. Evolving Systems, 2 (2). pp. 119-129. [Journal article]


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Baldassarre, B, Mirolli, M, Mannella, F, Caligiore, D, Visalberghi, E, Natale, F, Truppa, V, Sabbatini, G, Guglielmelli, E, Keller, F, Campolo, D, Redgrave, P, Gurney, K, Stafford, T, Triesch, J, Weber, C, Rothkopf, C, Nehmzow, U, Condell, J, Siddique, NH, Lee, M, Huelse, M, Schmidhuber, J, Gomez, F, Foester, A, Togelius, J and Barto, A (2009) The IM-CLeVeR project: Intrinsically Motivated Cumulative Learning Versatile Robots. In: Ninth International Conference on Epigenetic Robotics (EpiRob2009), Venice, Italy. Lund University Cognitive Studies. 1 pp. [Conference contribution]

Hasan, Syed Faraz, Siddique, NH and Chakraborty, Shyam (2009) Disruption model for Net-on-Roads. In: Second International Conference on the Applications of Digital Information and Web Technologies, London, UK. IEEE Xplore. 6 pp. [Conference contribution]

Hasan, Syed Faraz, Siddique, NH and Chakraborty, Shyam (2009) Femtocell versus WiFi - A survey and comparison of architecture and performance. In: 1st International Conference on Wireless Communication, Vehicular Technology, Information Theory and Aerospace & Electronic Systems Technology, Aalborg, Denmark. Wireless VITAE. 5 pp. [Conference contribution]

Hasan, Syed Faraz, Siddique, NH and Chakraborty, Shyam (2009) Impact of RSS on the Performance of 3GPP Application in a Net-on-Roads Connection. In: 17th Telecommunications Forum (IEEE TELFOR 2009), Belgrade, Serbia. IEEE TELFOR. 6 pp. [Conference contribution]

Hasan, Syed Faraz, Siddique, NH and Chakraborty, Shyam (2009) On the Uplink Performance of 802.11a and 802.11b Vehicular Environments. In: 17th Telecommunications Forum (IEEE TELFOR 2009), Belgrade, Serbia. IEEE TELFOR. 4 pp. [Conference contribution]

P, Prem Kumar, Behera, Laxmidhar, Siddique, NH and Prasad, G (2009) A T-S fuzzy based adaptive critic for continuous-time input affine nonlinear systems. In: 2009 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics, San Antonio, USA. IEEE. 6 pp. [Conference contribution]


Glackin, C and Siddique, NH (2008) Cybernetic Approach to Modelling Greenhouse Dynamics. Journal of Intelligent Systems, 17 . pp. 27-55. [Journal article]

Sharma, S.K., Siddique, NH, Tokhi, MO and Irwin, G (2008) Soft computing approaches for control of a flexible manipulator. In: Flexible Robot Manipulators – Modelling, Simulation and Control. (Eds: Tokhi, MO and Azad, AKM), IEE Press, pp. 367-394. ISBN 0-86341-448-6 [Book section]

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Warne, K, Prasad, G, Siddique, NH and Maguire, LP (2003) A Novel Intelligent Approach to Anchorage Measurement using Electron Microscopy. In: 2003 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man & Cybernetics, Washington D.C., USA.. IEEE. 6 pp. [Conference contribution]

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