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Book (authored)

Cousins, Wendy, Monteith, Marina, Larkin, Emma and Percy, Andrew (2003) The Care Careers of Younger Looked After Children: Findings from the Multiple Placements Project. Institute for Child Care Research, Queens University Belfast. 99 pp ISBN 1900725150 [Book (authored)]

Book (edited)

Taggart , Laurence and Cousins, Wendy, eds. (2013) Health Promotion for People with Intellectual Disabilities. 296 pp. McGraw Hill/Open University Press. ISBN 9780335246946 [Book (edited)]

Book section

Fleming, Paul and Cousins, Wendy (2013) Evaluating health promotion programmes. In: Health Promotion for People with Intellectual Disabilities. McGraw Hill / Open University Press, pp. 211-220. ISBN 9780335246946 [Book section]

Nankervis, Karen, Cousins, Wendy, Válková, Hana and MacIntyre, Tadhg (2013) Physical activity, exercise, and sport. In: Health Promotion for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. McGraw Hil/Open University Press, pp. 174-182. ISBN 9780335246946 [Book section]

Corby, Deirdre, Cousins, Wendy and Slevin, Eamonn (2012) Inclusion of adults with intellectual disabilities in post-secondary and higher education: A review of the literature. In: Lifelong Learning: Community Development. (Eds: Jones, P., Storan, J., Hudson, A. and Braham, J.), Berforts Information Press Ltd, pp. 69-86. ISBN 978-1-905858-29-3 [Book section]

Cousins, Wendy (2011) Colored Inklings: Altered States of Consciousness and Literature. In: Altering Consciousness: Multidisciplinary Perspectives. (Eds: Cardeña , Etzel and Winkelman, Michael), Praeger, pp. 277-300. ISBN 978-0313383083 [Book section]

Cardeña , Etzel and Cousins, Wendy (2010) From Artifice to Actuality: Ritual, Shamanism, Hypnosis and Healing. In: The Varieties of Ritual Experience (ed. By Jan Weinhold & Geoffrey Samuel) as section of the series "Ritual Dynamics and the Science of Ritual", Volume II: Body, performance, agency and experience”. Harrassowitz,, xx-xx. ISBN xx [Book section]

Journal article

Corby, Deirdre, Slevin, Eamonn and Cousins, Wendy (2013) Improving services through co-operative learning. Learning Disability Practice, 16 (2). pp. 20-22. [Journal article]

Cousins, Wendy (2012) Book Review of "The Oxford Handbook of Reciprocal Adult Development and Learning" (2nd edn) by Carol Hoare (Ed.). The Psychologist, 25 (8). p. 609. [Journal article]

Cousins, Wendy (2012) Book Review of "The Social Cure: Identity Health and Well Being" by Jolanda Jetten, Catherine Haslam and S.Alexander Haslam [Eds.]. The Psychologist, 25 (6). p. 451. [Journal article]

Hanna, Lisa Maire, Taggart, Laurence and Cousins, Wendy (2011) Cancer prevention and health promotion for people with intellectual disabilities: an exploratory study of staff knowledge. Journal of Intellectual Disability Research, 55 (3). pp. 281-291. [Journal article]

Kernohan, George, Cousins, Wendy, McGowan, Iain, Donnelly, Ursula and Shannon, Damian (2011) Evidence is Good for Your Practice using Technology: Enhancing engagement of healthcare professionals in online education. Perspectives on Pedagogy and Practice, 2 . pp. 23-33. [Journal article]

Cousins, Wendy (2010) Book Review of "Child Protection: An Introduction" by Chris Beckett. Child Care in Practice, 16 (2). pp. 208-209. [Journal article]

Cousins, Wendy, Taggart, Laurence and Milner, Sharon (2010) Looked after or overlooked? An exploratory investigation of the mentalhealth issues of adolescents living in state care in Northern Ireland. Psychology Health & Medicine, 5 (15). 497 -506. [Journal article]

Bishop, Hilary, Cousins, Wendy, Casson, Karen and Moore, Ann (2008) Culture and Caregivers: Factors Influencing Breastfeeding among Mothers in West Belfast, Northern Ireland. Child Care in Practice, 14 (2). 165 -179. [Journal article]

Cousins, Wendy (2008) Book Review of "Making an Impact: Children and Domestic Violence A Reader" by Marianne Hester, Chris Pearson, Nicola Harwin, Hilary Abrahams. Child Care in Practice, 14 (2). pp. 229-232. [Journal article]

Cousins, Wendy, McGowan, Iain and Milner, Sharon (2008) Self-harm and Attempted Suicide in Young People Looked After in State Care. Journal of Children and Young People's Nursing, 2 (2). pp. 51-54. [Journal article]

Cousins, Wendy and Milner, Sharon (2007) Small Voices: Children's Rights and Representation in Social Work Research. Journal of Social Work Education, 26 (5). pp. 447-457. [Journal article]

Taggart, Laurence, Cousins, Wendy and Milner, Sharon (2007) Young people with learning disabilities living in state care: their emotional, behavioural and mental health status. Child Care in Practice, 13 (4). pp. 401-416. [Journal article]

Cousins, Wendy and Milner, Sharon (2006) Children’s rights: A cross-border study of residential care. Irish Journal of Psychology, 37 (1-2). pp. 88-96. [Journal article]

Cousins, Wendy and Milner, Sharon (2006) Drug Abuse And Parenting: The Impact on Young Children in The Social Care System in Northern Ireland. Irish Journal of Applied Social Studies, 7 (1). pp. 95-108. [Journal article]

Cousins, Wendy and Wells, Karen (2005) “One More For My Baby”: Foetal Alcohol Syndrome and its Implications forSocial Workers. Child Care in Practice, 11 (3). pp. 375-384. [Journal article]

Cousins, Wendy, Milner, Sharon and McLaughlin, Eithne (2003) Listening to Children, Speaking for Children: Health and Social Services Complaints and Child Advocacy. Child Care in Practice, 9 (2). pp. 109-116. [Journal article]

Cousins, Wendy, Monteith, Marina and Kerr, Nicola (2003) Living Away From Home: The Long Term Substitute Care of Disabled Children. Journal of Applied Social Studies, 4 (1). pp. 57-68. [Journal article]

Monteith, Marina and Cousins, Wendy (2003) Implementing The Children (NI) Order 1995 - Researching the Initial Impact on Social Services Provision to Disabled Children in Northern Ireland. Child Care in Practice, 6 (3). pp. 240-252. [Journal article]

Monteith, Marina and Cousins, Wendy (2003) The Importance of Stability in the Lives of Looked After Children: A Study of Under Fives in Northern Ireland. Child Care in Practice, 9 (1). pp. 62-73. [Journal article]


Cousins, Wendy (2013) Maps for the Midway Journey- A review of Midlife Transformation in Literature and Film: Jungian and Eriksonian Perspectives by Steven F. Walker., American Psychological Association [Other]

Cousins, Wendy (2011) Mesmer’s Ghost: A New Approach to Treating Trauma Conjures up Shades of History., American Psychological Association: PsycCRITIQUES [Other]

Research report (external)

Slevin, Eamonn, Taggart, Laurence, McConkey, Roy, Cousins, Wendy, Truesdale-Kennedy, Maria and Dowling, Sandra (2011) A rapid review of literature relating to support for people with intellectual disabilities and their family carers when the person has: behaviours that challenge and/or mental health problems; or they are advancing in age. Public Health Agency. University of Ulster. 204 pp. [Research report (external)]

Kernohan, George, Cousins, Wendy, McConkey, Roy, Barr, Owen and Wells, Karen (2010) Developing an Epilepsy Care Plan. Epilepsy Action. 42 pp. [Research report (external)]

Cousins, Wendy, Milner, Sharon and McLaughin, Eithne (2003) CHILDREN AS COMPLAINANTS IN THE HEALTH AND PERSONAL SOCIAL SERVICESIN NORTHERN IRELAND. The Northern Ireland Health & Social Services Councils. The Northern Ireland Health & Social Services Councils. 78 pp. [Research report (external)]

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