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Conference contribution

Alfano, M, Di Girolamo, G and Sun, D (2009) Analysis of plasma sprayed CeO2-Y2O3-ZrO2 coatings after isothermal annealing. In: XXXVIII Convegno Nazionale Associazione Italiana Analisi delle Sollecitazioni, Politecnico di Torino. UNSPECIFIED. 10 pp. [Conference contribution]

Journal article

Sun, D, Wharton, JA and Wood, RJK (2011) Micro- and Nano-scale Tribo-Corrosion of Cast CoCrMo. Tribology Letters, 41 . pp. 525-533. [Journal article]

Alfano, M, Di Girolamo, G, Pagnotta, L and Sun, D (2010) Processing, Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Air Plasma-Sprayed Ceria–YttriaCo-stabilized Zirconia Coatings. Strain, 46 . pp. 409-418. [Journal article]

Alfano, M, Di Girolamo, G, Pagnotta , L, Sun, D, Zekonyte, J and Wood, R (2010) The influence of high-temperature sintering on microstructure and mechanical properties of free-standing APS CeO2–Y2O3–ZrO2 coatings. Journal of Materials Science, 45 . pp. 2662-2669. [Journal article]

Miao, X and Sun, D (2010) Graded/Gradient Porous Biomaterials. Materials, 3 . pp. 26-47. [Journal article]

Wood, R, Sun, D, Thakare, M, de Frutos, A and Wharton, J (2010) Interpretation of electrochemical measurements made during micro-scale abrasion-corrosion. Tribology International, 43 . pp. 1218-1227. [Journal article]

Ma, L, Rainforth, M, Sun, D, Wharton, J and Wood, R (2009) A ‘3-body’ abrasion wear study of bioceramics for total hipjoint replacements. Wear , 267 . pp. 2122-2131. [Journal article]

Sun, D, Wharton, J and Wood, R (2009) Abrasive size and concentration effects on the tribo-corrosion of cast CoCrMoalloy in simulated body fluids. Tribology International, 42 . pp. 1595-1604. [Journal article]

Sun, D, Wharton, J and Wood, R (2009) The Effects of proteins and pH on tribo-corrosion performance of cast CoCrMo – a combined electrochemical and tribological study. Tribology – Materials, Surfaces & Interfaces, 2 . pp. 150-160. [Journal article]

Sun, D, Wharton, J and Wood, R (2009) Micro-abrasion mechanisms of cast CoCrMo in simulated body fluids. Wear , 267 . pp. 1845-1855. [Journal article]

Sun, D, Wharton, J and Wood, R (2009) Microabrasion-corrosion of cast CoCrMo – effects of micron and sub-micron sized abrasives. Wear , 267 . pp. 52-60. [Journal article]

Sun, D, Wharton, J, Wood, R, Ma, L and Rainforth, M (2009) Microabrasion-corrosion of cast CoCrMo alloy in simulated body fluids. Tribology International, 42 . pp. 99-110. [Journal article]

Miao , X, Sun, D, Hoo, PW, Liu, J, Hu, Y and Chen, Y (2004) Effect of titania addition on yttria-stabilized tetragonal zirconia ceramics sintered at high temperature. Ceramics International, 30 . pp. 1041-1047. [Journal article]

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