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Book section

Ghayur, MA, Huang, Ye, McIlveen-Wright, D and Hewitt, Neil (2011) Process simulations for wheat and wheat straw based ethanol biorefinery concepts. In: Proceedings of the bioten conference on biomass, bioenergy and biofuels 2010. (Eds: Bridgwater, AV), CPL Press, Newbury, UK, pp. 146-152. ISBN 978-1-872691-54-1 [Book section]

Huang, Ye, McIlveen-Wright, D, Rezvani, S and Hewitt, Neil (2011) Biomass fuelled CHP system in selected buildings: a techno-economic assessment based on computational simulations. In: Proceedings of the bioten conference on biomass, bioenergy and biofuels 2010. (Eds: Bridgwater, AV), CPL Press, Newbury, UK, pp. 813-819. ISBN 978-1-872691-54-1 [Book section]

Conference contribution

McCullagh, PJ, Nugent, CD, Zheng, H, Zhang, Shumeii, Huang, Y, Davies, Richard, Black, Norman, Wright, Peter, Hawley, Mark, Eccleston, Chris, Mawson, Sue and Mountain, Gail (2011) Knowledge capture for self management of long-term conditions. In: International Congress on Telehealth and Telecare, London, UK, 1–3 March 2011, London. Igitur publishing. 2 pp. [Conference contribution]

McIlveen-Wright, D, Huang, Ye, Rezvani, S, Ghayur, A, Redpath, David A.G., Dave, Ashok and Hewitt, Neil (2011) A Technical and Economic Analysis of Large Scale Biomass Combustion. In: 19th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition, Berlin, Germany. ETA. 9 pp. [Conference contribution]

Anderson, Mark, Hewitt, Neil and Huang, Ye (2008) The Effective use of Bio Fuel and its Future in Ireland. In: 10th World Renewable Energy Congress (WRECX), , Glasgow. World Renewable Congress. 6 pp. [Conference contribution]

Journal article

Huang, Ye, Anderson, Mark, Lyons, G A, McRoberts, W C, Wang, Y D, McIlveen-Wright, D, Roskilly, AP and Hewitt, Neil (2014) Techno-economic Analysis of BioChar Production and Energy Generation from Poultry Litter Waste. Energy Procedia, 61 . pp. 714-717. [Journal article]

Dave, Ashok, Huang, Ye, Rezvani, Sina, McIlveen-Wright, David, Novaes, Marcio and Hewitt, Neil (2013) Techno-economic assessment of biofuel development by anaerobic digestion of European marine cold-water seaweeds. Bioresource Technology , 135 . pp. 120-127. [Journal article]

Gu, Hongyan, Zhang, Kai, Wang, Yaodong, Huang, Ye, Hewitt, Neil and Roskilly, Anthony P (2013) Waste biomass from production process co-firing with coal in a steam boiler to reduce fossil fuel consumption: A case study. Journal of Energy Chemistry, Vol. 22 (3). pp. 413-419. [Journal article]

Huang, Ye, McIlveen-Wright, David, Rezvani, Sina, Huang, M.J., Wang, Y.D., Roskilly, A.P. and Hewitt, Neil (2013) Comparative techno-economic analysis of biomass fuelled combined heat and power for commercial buildings. Applied Energy, 112 . pp. 518-525. [Journal article]

Huang, Ye, Wang, yaodong, Rezvani, Sina, McIlveen-Wright, David, Anderson, Mark, Mondol, JD, Zacharopoulos, Aggelos and Hewitt, Neil (2013) A techno-economic assessment of biomass fuelled trigeneration system integrated with organic Rankine cycle. Applied Thermal Engineering, 53 (2). pp. 325-331. [Journal article]

McIlveen-Wright, David, Huang, Ye, Rezvani, Sina, Redpath, David, Anderson, Mark, Dave, Ashok and Hewitt, Neil (2013) A technical and economic analysis of three large scale biomass combustion plants in the UK. Applied Energy, 112 . pp. 396-404. [Journal article]

Huang, Ye, Wang, M.H., Stephenson, P, Rezvani, S, McIlveen-Wright, D, Minchener, A. J., Hewitt, Neil, Dave, Ashok and Fleche, A (2012) Hybrid coal-fired power plants with CO2 capture: A technical and economic evaluation based on computational simulations. Fuel, 101 . pp. 244-253. [Journal article]

Rezvani, S, McIlveen-Wright, D, Huang, Ye, Dave, Ashok, Mondol, Jayanta Deb and Hewitt, Neil (2012) Comparative analysis of energy storage options in connection with coal fired Integrated Gasification Combined Cycles for an optimised part load operation. Fuel, 101 . pp. 154-160. [Journal article]

Sturm, Barbara, Butcher, Matthew, Wang, Yaodong, Huang, Ye and Roskilly, Tony (2012) The feasibility of the sustainable energy supply from bio wastes for a small scale brewery – A case study. Applied Thermal Engineering, 39 . pp. 45-52. [Journal article]

Huang, Ye, Wang, YD, Rezvani, S, McIlveen-Wright, David, Anderson, Mark and Hewitt, Neil (2011) BIOMASS FUELLED TRIGENERATION SYSTEM IN SELECTED BUILDINGS. Energy Conversion and Management , 52 (6). pp. 2448-2454. [Journal article]

McIlveen-Wright, D, Huang, Ye, Rezvani, S, Mondol, Jayanta Deb, Redpath, David, Anderson, Mark, Hewitt, Neil and Williams, BC (2011) A Techno-economic assessment of the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions through the use of biomass co-combustion. Fuel, 90 (1). pp. 11-18. [Journal article]

McIlveen-Wright, D, Moglie, M, Rezvani, S, Huang, Y, Anderson, M, Redpath, D, Dave, A and Hewitt, NJ (2011) A techno-economic analysis of biomass gasifiers integrated with high and intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells. International Journal of Energy Research, 35 (12). pp. 1037-1047. [Journal article]

Wang, Yaodong, Huang, Ye, Chiremba, E, Roskilly, A, Hewitt, Neil, Ding, YL, Wu, DW, Chen, XP, Li, YP, Huang, JC, Wang, RZ, Wu, JY, Xia, ZZ and Tan, CQ (2011) An investigation of a household size trigeneration running with hydrogen. Applied Energy, 88 (6). pp. 2176-2182. [Journal article]

Wang, Yaodong, Huang, Ye, Roskilly, Anthony P., Ding, Yulong and Hewitt, Neil (2010) Trigeneration running with raw jatropha oil. Fuel Processing Technology, 91 (3). pp. 348-353. [Journal article]

Huang, Y, Rezvani, S, McIlveen-Wright, D, Hewitt, N, Minchener, A and Mondol, J (2009) Techno-economic assessment of pulverized coal boilers and IGCC power plants with CO2 capture. Frontiers of Chemical Engineering in China, 4 (2). pp. 196-206. [Journal article]

Mondol, Jayanta Deb, McIlveen-Wright, David, Rezvani, Sina, Huang, Ye and Hewitt, Neil (2009) Techno-economic evaluation of advanced IGCC lignite coal fuelled power plants with CO2 capture. Fuel, 88 (12). pp. 2495-2506. [Journal article]

Rezvani, S, Bolland, O., Franco, F., Huang, Ye, Span, R., Keyser, J., Sander, F., McIlveen-Wright, D and Hewitt, Neil (2009) Natural gas oxy-fuel cycles—Part 3: Economic evaluation. Energy Procedia, 1 (1). pp. 565-572. [Journal article]

Rezvani, Sina, Huang, Ye, McIlveen-Wright, David, Hewitt, Neil and Mondol, Jayanta Deb (2009) Comparative assessment of coal fired IGCC systems with CO2 capture using physical absorption, membrane reactors and chemical looping. Fuel, 88 (12). pp. 2463-2472. [Journal article]

Thornley, Patricia, Upham, Paul, Huang, Ye, Rezvani, Sina, Brammer, John and Rogers, John (2009) Integrated assessment of bioelectricity technology options. Energy Policy, 37 (3). pp. 890-903. [Journal article]

Wang, Y.D., Huang, Ye and Roskilly, A.P. (2009) Trigeneration integrated with absorption enhanced reforming of lignite and biomass. Fuel, 88 (10). pp. 2004-2010. [Journal article]

Fang, Yueping, Eames, P, Norton, B, Hyde, Trevor, Huang, Ye and Hewitt, Neil (2008) The thermal performance of an electrochromic vacuum glazing with selected low-emittance coatings. Thin Solid Films, 516 (6). 1074-1081 . [Journal article]

Huang, Y, Rezvani, S, McIlveen-Wright, D, Michener, A and Hewitt, N (2008) Techno-economic study of CO2 capture and storage in coal fired oxygen fed entrained flow IGCC power plants. Fuel Processing Technology, 89 (9). pp. 916-925. [Journal article]

Thornley, P, Rogers, J and Huang, Y (2008) Quantification of employment from biomass power plants. Renewable Energy, volume 33 (Issue 8). pp. 1922-1927. [Journal article]

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McIlveen-Wright, D, Huang, Y, Rezvani, S and Wang, YD (2007) A technical and environmental analysis of co-combustion of coal and biomass in fluidised bed technologies. Fuel, 86 (14). pp. 2032-2042. [Journal article]

McIlveen-Wright, D, Rezvani, S, Huang, Y and Hewitt, NJ (2007) Power generation from biomass in a small CFBC plant compared with biomass co-fired with coal in a large CFBC. International Journal of Ambient Energy, 28 (3). pp. 143-150. [Journal article]

Rezvani, S, Huang, Ye, McIlveen-Wright, D, Hewitt, Neil and Wang, YD (2007) Comparative assessment of sub-critical versus advanced super-critical oxyfuel fired PF boilers with CO2 sequestration facilities. Fuel, 86 (14). pp. 2134-2143. [Journal article]

Wang, Y, McIlveen-Wright, D, Huang, Y, Hewitt, NJ, Eames, PC, Rezvani, S, McMullan, JT and Roskilly, AP (2007) The application of FLOX/COSTAIR technologies to reduce NOx emissions from coal/biomass fired power plant: a technical assessment based on computational simulation. Fuel, 86 (14). pp. 2101-2108. [Journal article]

Huang, Ye, McIlveen-Wright, D, Rezvani, S, Wang, YD, Hewitt, Neil and Williams, BC (2006) Biomass co-firing in a pressurized fluidized bed combustion (PFBC) combined cycle power plant: A techno-environmental assessment based on computational simulations. Fuel Processing Technology, 87 (10). pp. 927-934. [Journal article]

Wang, YD, Huang, Ye, McIlveen-Wright, D, Hewitt, Neil, Eames, P, Rezvani, S and McMullan, J (2006) Absorption enhanced reforming of lignite integrated with molten carbonate fuel cell. Fuel, 85 (14-15). pp. 2133-2140. [Journal article]

Wang, YD, Huang, Ye, McIlveen-Wright, D, McMullan, J, Hewitt, Neil, Eames, PC and Rezvani, S (2006) A techno-economic analysis of the application of continuous staged-combustion and flameless oxidation to the combustor design in gas turbines. Fuel Processing Technology, 87 (8). pp. 727-736. [Journal article]

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