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Huang, Ye, Anderson, Mark, Lyons, G A, McRoberts, W C, Wang, Y D, McIlveen-Wright, D, Roskilly, AP and Hewitt, Neil (2014) Techno-economic Analysis of BioChar Production and Energy Generation from Poultry Litter Waste. Energy Procedia, 61 . pp. 714-717. [Journal article]


Dave, Ashok, Huang, Ye, Rezvani, Sina, McIlveen-Wright, David, Novaes, Marcio and Hewitt, Neil (2013) Techno-economic assessment of biofuel development by anaerobic digestion of European marine cold-water seaweeds. Bioresource Technology , 135 . pp. 120-127. [Journal article]

Gu, Hongyan, Zhang, Kai, Wang, Yaodong, Huang, Ye, Hewitt, Neil and Roskilly, Anthony P (2013) Waste biomass from production process co-firing with coal in a steam boiler to reduce fossil fuel consumption: A case study. Journal of Energy Chemistry, Vol. 22 (3). pp. 413-419. [Journal article]

Huang, Ye, McIlveen-Wright, David, Rezvani, Sina, Huang, M.J., Wang, Y.D., Roskilly, A.P. and Hewitt, Neil (2013) Comparative techno-economic analysis of biomass fuelled combined heat and power for commercial buildings. Applied Energy, 112 . pp. 518-525. [Journal article]

Huang, Ye, Wang, yaodong, Rezvani, Sina, McIlveen-Wright, David, Anderson, Mark, Mondol, JD, Zacharopoulos, Aggelos and Hewitt, Neil (2013) A techno-economic assessment of biomass fuelled trigeneration system integrated with organic Rankine cycle. Applied Thermal Engineering, 53 (2). pp. 325-331. [Journal article]

McIlveen-Wright, David, Huang, Ye, Rezvani, Sina, Redpath, David, Anderson, Mark, Dave, Ashok and Hewitt, Neil (2013) A technical and economic analysis of three large scale biomass combustion plants in the UK. Applied Energy, 112 . pp. 396-404. [Journal article]


Huang, Ye, Wang, M.H., Stephenson, P, Rezvani, S, McIlveen-Wright, D, Minchener, A. J., Hewitt, Neil, Dave, Ashok and Fleche, A (2012) Hybrid coal-fired power plants with CO2 capture: A technical and economic evaluation based on computational simulations. Fuel, 101 . pp. 244-253. [Journal article]

Rezvani, S, McIlveen-Wright, D, Huang, Ye, Dave, Ashok, Mondol, Jayanta Deb and Hewitt, Neil (2012) Comparative analysis of energy storage options in connection with coal fired Integrated Gasification Combined Cycles for an optimised part load operation. Fuel, 101 . pp. 154-160. [Journal article]

Sturm, Barbara, Butcher, Matthew, Wang, Yaodong, Huang, Ye and Roskilly, Tony (2012) The feasibility of the sustainable energy supply from bio wastes for a small scale brewery – A case study. Applied Thermal Engineering, 39 . pp. 45-52. [Journal article]


Ghayur, MA, Huang, Ye, McIlveen-Wright, D and Hewitt, Neil (2011) Process simulations for wheat and wheat straw based ethanol biorefinery concepts. In: Proceedings of the bioten conference on biomass, bioenergy and biofuels 2010. (Eds: Bridgwater, AV), CPL Press, Newbury, UK, pp. 146-152. ISBN 978-1-872691-54-1 [Book section]

Huang, Ye, McIlveen-Wright, D, Rezvani, S and Hewitt, Neil (2011) Biomass fuelled CHP system in selected buildings: a techno-economic assessment based on computational simulations. In: Proceedings of the bioten conference on biomass, bioenergy and biofuels 2010. (Eds: Bridgwater, AV), CPL Press, Newbury, UK, pp. 813-819. ISBN 978-1-872691-54-1 [Book section]

Huang, Ye, Wang, YD, Rezvani, S, McIlveen-Wright, David, Anderson, Mark and Hewitt, Neil (2011) BIOMASS FUELLED TRIGENERATION SYSTEM IN SELECTED BUILDINGS. Energy Conversion and Management , 52 (6). pp. 2448-2454. [Journal article]

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McIlveen-Wright, D, Huang, Ye, Rezvani, S, Ghayur, A, Redpath, David A.G., Dave, Ashok and Hewitt, Neil (2011) A Technical and Economic Analysis of Large Scale Biomass Combustion. In: 19th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition, Berlin, Germany. ETA. 9 pp. [Conference contribution]

McIlveen-Wright, D, Huang, Ye, Rezvani, S, Mondol, Jayanta Deb, Redpath, David, Anderson, Mark, Hewitt, Neil and Williams, BC (2011) A Techno-economic assessment of the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions through the use of biomass co-combustion. Fuel, 90 (1). pp. 11-18. [Journal article]

McIlveen-Wright, D, Moglie, M, Rezvani, S, Huang, Y, Anderson, M, Redpath, D, Dave, A and Hewitt, NJ (2011) A techno-economic analysis of biomass gasifiers integrated with high and intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells. International Journal of Energy Research, 35 (12). pp. 1037-1047. [Journal article]

Wang, Yaodong, Huang, Ye, Chiremba, E, Roskilly, A, Hewitt, Neil, Ding, YL, Wu, DW, Chen, XP, Li, YP, Huang, JC, Wang, RZ, Wu, JY, Xia, ZZ and Tan, CQ (2011) An investigation of a household size trigeneration running with hydrogen. Applied Energy, 88 (6). pp. 2176-2182. [Journal article]


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Rezvani, Sina, Huang, Ye, McIlveen-Wright, David, Hewitt, Neil and Mondol, Jayanta Deb (2009) Comparative assessment of coal fired IGCC systems with CO2 capture using physical absorption, membrane reactors and chemical looping. Fuel, 88 (12). pp. 2463-2472. [Journal article]

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Rezvani, S, Huang, Ye, McIlveen-Wright, D, Hewitt, Neil and Wang, YD (2007) Comparative assessment of sub-critical versus advanced super-critical oxyfuel fired PF boilers with CO2 sequestration facilities. Fuel, 86 (14). pp. 2134-2143. [Journal article]

Wang, Y, McIlveen-Wright, D, Huang, Y, Hewitt, NJ, Eames, PC, Rezvani, S, McMullan, JT and Roskilly, AP (2007) The application of FLOX/COSTAIR technologies to reduce NOx emissions from coal/biomass fired power plant: a technical assessment based on computational simulation. Fuel, 86 (14). pp. 2101-2108. [Journal article]


Huang, Ye, McIlveen-Wright, D, Rezvani, S, Wang, YD, Hewitt, Neil and Williams, BC (2006) Biomass co-firing in a pressurized fluidized bed combustion (PFBC) combined cycle power plant: A techno-environmental assessment based on computational simulations. Fuel Processing Technology, 87 (10). pp. 927-934. [Journal article]

Wang, YD, Huang, Ye, McIlveen-Wright, D, Hewitt, Neil, Eames, P, Rezvani, S and McMullan, J (2006) Absorption enhanced reforming of lignite integrated with molten carbonate fuel cell. Fuel, 85 (14-15). pp. 2133-2140. [Journal article]

Wang, YD, Huang, Ye, McIlveen-Wright, D, McMullan, J, Hewitt, Neil, Eames, PC and Rezvani, S (2006) A techno-economic analysis of the application of continuous staged-combustion and flameless oxidation to the combustor design in gas turbines. Fuel Processing Technology, 87 (8). pp. 727-736. [Journal article]

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