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Book section

Liddle, S D and Murphy, Marie (2000) A comparison of the demands of singles and doubles badminton among elite male players. In: Notational Analysis of Sport III. (Eds: Hughes, M), Centre for Performance Analysis, UWIC, pp. 255-265. ISBN 1 901 288 006 [Book section]

Liddle, S D and O'Donoghue, P G (1998) Notational Analysis of Rallies in European Circuit Badminton. In: Science and Racket Sports II. (Eds: Lees, A, Maynard , I, Hughes, M and Reilly, T), E & FN Spon, pp. 275-281. ISBN 0 419 23030 0 [Book section]

O'Donoghue, P D and Liddle, S D (1998) A Notational Analysis of Time Factors of Elite Mens and Ladies Singles Tennis on Clay and Grass Surfaces. In: Science and Racket Sports II. (Eds: Lees , A, Maynard, I, Hughes, M and Reilly, T), E & FN Spon, pp. 241-246. ISBN 0 419 23030 0 [Book section]

O'Donoghue, P G and Liddle, S D (1998) A Match Analysis of Elite Tennis Strategy for Ladies' Singles on Clay and Grass Surfaces. In: Science and Racket Sports II. (Eds: Lees, A, Maynard, I, Hughes , M and Reilly , T), E & FN Spon, pp. 247-253. ISBN 0 419 23030 0 [Book section]

Internet publication

Brown, Mary Jane, Sinclair, M., Liddle, SD and Hill, Alyson (2012) A systematic review investigating healthy lifestyle interventions incorporating goal-setting strategies for preventing excess gestational weight gain. PLOS ONE8 pp [Internet publication]

Liddle, SD, Baxter, GD and Gracey, JH (2005) Exercise and chronic low back pain: what works? Centre for Reviews and Dissemination, York, 1 pp [Internet publication]

Journal article

Mc Cullough, Julie, Liddle, Diane, Sinclair, Marlene ., OPrey, Ciara and Hughes, Ciara (2014) The Physiological and Biochemical Outcomes Associated witha Reflexology Treatment: A Systematic Review. Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Volume 2014, Article ID 502123 . pp. 1-16. [Journal article]

OPrey, Ciara, Sinclair, Marlene, Liddle, Dianne, Madden , Elaine, McCullough, Julie and Hughes, Ciara (2014) A systematic review investigating the effectiveness of Complementaryand Alternative Medicine (CAM) for the management of low backand/or pelvic pain (LBPP) in pregnancy. Journal of Advanced Nursing , 9 . pp. 1-15. [Journal article]

Brown, Mary Jane, Sinclair, Marlene, Liddle, Dianne, Hill, Alyson, Stockdale, Doreen and Madden, Elaine (2013) Motivating pregnant women to eat healthily and engage inphysical activity for weight management: An exploration ofroutine midwife Instruction. Evidence Based Midwifery, 11 (4). pp. 120-127. [Journal article]

Currie, sinead, Sinclair, Marlene, Murphy, Marie, Madden , Elaine, Dunwoody, Lynn and Liddle, Dianne (2013) Reducing the Decline in Physical Activity duringPregnancy: A Systematic Review of Behaviour ChangeInterventions. PlosOne, 8 (6). pp. 1-12. [Journal article]

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Brown, MJ, Sinclair, M., Liddle, SD and stockdale, DJ (2012) A Systematic Review Investigating Healthy Lifestyle Interventions Incorporating Goal Setting Strategies for Preventing Excess Gestational Weight Gain. PLoS ONE, PLoS ONE 7(7): e39503. (7). e39503.. [Journal article]

Hunter, Ruth F, McDonough, Suzanne, Bradbury, Ian, Liddle, S D, Walsh, Deirdre M, Dhamija, Sue, Glasgow, Philip, Gormley, Gerard, McCann, Siobhan M, Park, Jongbae, Hurley, Deirdre A, Delitto, Anthony and Baxter, George David (2012) Exercise and Auricular Acupuncture for Chronic Low-back Pain: A Feasibility Randomized-controlled Trial. The Clinical Journal of Pain, 28 (3). pp. 259-267. [Journal article]

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Liddle, S D (2004) Exercise: an essential component of the treatment of low back pain. Physical Therapy Reviews, 9 . pp. 123-124. [Journal article]

Liddle, Dianne, Murphy, Marie and Bleakley, Walter (1996) A comparison of the physiological demands of singles and doubles badminton: a heart rate and time/motion analysis. Journal of Human Movement Studies, 30 . pp. 159-176. [Journal article]

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