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Kockel, Ullrich, Nic Craith, Máiréad and Frykman, Jonas, eds. (2012) A Companion to the Anthropology of Europe. Malden, USA. 608 pp. Wiley-Blackwell. ISBN 9781405190732 [Book (edited)]

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Kockel, Ullrich (2010) Re-visioning Europe: Frontiers, Place Identities and Journeys in Debatable Lands. Palgrave Macmillan. 240 pp ISBN 9781403941220 [Book (authored)]

Kockel, Ullrich (2010) Coming Home to Europe: Travels and Travails in a Lost Continent. In: Europe: Imagination & Practices. (Eds: Fikfak , Jurij and Vivod, Maria), Slovenian Academy of Sciences, pp. 41-58. ISBN 978-961-254-186-6 [Book section]

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Kockel, Ullrich (2009) ‘Seeing the Trees and the Wood and What Goes on Beyond the Forest.’. [Other]

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Kockel, Ullrich (2009) Old Europe, Debatable Land, or: Why do I feel “at home” in places I have never been to? In: Debatable Lands Volume Two: 'These Debatable Lands'. (Eds: Biggs, Iain), Wild Conversations, pp. 103-114. ISBN 978-0-9560266-0-6 [Book section]

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Kockel, Ullrich (2007) Brian Hosmer and Colleen O’Neill (eds): Native Pathways: American Indian Culture and Economic Development in the Twentieth Century. U. P. of Colorado 2004. [Other]

Kockel, Ullrich (2007) ‘Ieškant Europos vidaus ribų: ekoetnologiniai pamąstymai apie vietos ir istoriškumo prasmę.’. Lietuvos Etnologija – socialinės antropologijos ir etnologijos studijos , 7 (16). pp. 57-76. [Journal article]

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Kockel, Ullrich (2007) K(l)eine Deutschlande. Heimat und Fremde deutscher Einwanderer auf den Britischen Inseln. In: Beziehungsgeschichten. Minderheiten – Mehrheiten in europäischer Perspektive. (Eds: Tschernokoshewa , Elka and Gransow , Volker), Domowina, pp. 188-202. ISBN 978-3-7420-2080-2 [Book section]

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Kockel, Ullrich (2005) Burkhart Lauterbach: Beatles, Sportclubs, Landschaftsparks. Britisch-deutscher Kulturtransfer. Königshausen & Neumann 2004. [Other]

Kockel, Ullrich (2005) Magdalena Tellenbach Uttmann: Perceiving Germanness – Changing Concepts of German Culture and History as Seen from Abroad. A Swedish and an American Perspective. PhD thesis, University of Wales Swansea 2003. [Other]

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Kockel, Ullrich (2001) Dieter Haller: Gelebte Grenze Gibraltar. Transnationalismus, Lokalitaet und Identitaet in kulturanthropologischer Perspektive. Deutscher Universitaetsverlag, 2000. [Other]

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Kockel, Ullrich (2001) Nationality, Identity, Citizenship: Reflecting on Europe at Drumcree Parish Church. In: Europe as a Cultural Construction and Reality. (Eds: Niedermüller , Peter and Stoklund, Bjarne), Museum Tusculanum Press , pp. 97-108. ISBN 8772896221 [Book section]

Konstadakopulos, Dimitrios, Revilla Diez , Javier, Mildahn, Björn and Kockel, Ullrich (2001) Knowledge companies in Britain and Germany: A common response to the challenges of the emerging knowledge-based economy? Anglo-German Foundation. 61 pp. [Research report (external)]

Kockel, Ullrich (2000) Borderline Cases: The Ethnic Frontiers of European Integration. Liverpool University Press. 368 pp ISBN 978-0-85323-520-0 [Book (authored)]

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