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Book section

Osmani, Siddiqur R (2009) Fiscal Deficits and Economic Growth: Contrasting Bangladesh with the Rest of South Asia. In: Development Experience and Emerging Challenges: Bangladesh. University Press Limited , pp. 179-199. ISBN 984-8815-03-8 [Book section]

Osmani, Siddiqur R. (2009) When Endowments and Opportunities Don’t Match: Understanding Chronic Poverty. In: Poverty Dynamics: Interdisciplinary Perspectives. (Eds: Addison, T, Hulme, D and Kanbur, R), Oxford University Press, pp. 247-266. ISBN 978-0199557547 [Book section]

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Osmani, Siddiqur R. (2009) Explaining Growth in South Asia. In: Diversity in Economic Growth: Global Insights and Explanations. (Eds: McMahon, G, Esfahani, H S and Squire, L), Edward Elgar, pp. 78-132. ISBN 978-1848444393 [Book section]

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Osmani, Siddiqur R. (2008) Participatory Governance: An Overview of Issues and Evidence. In: Participatory Governance and the Millennium Development Goals. Un ited Nations Department for Economic and Social Affairs, pp. 1-45. ISBN 9789211231779 [Book section]

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Osmani, Siddiqur R. (2006) Globalization and the Human Rights Approach to Development. In: Development as a Human Right. (Eds: Andreassen, B A and Marks , S), Harvard School of Public Health, pp. 254-273. ISBN 0674021215 [Book section]

Osmani, Siddiqur R. (2006) Exploring the Employment Nexus: The Analytics of Pro-poor Growth. In: Fighting Poverty: The Development-Employment Link. (Eds: Islam, R), Lynne Rienner, pp. 9-29. ISBN 1588263967 [Book section]

Osmani, Siddiqur, R. (2006) Delivering Basic Health Services in Bangladesh: A View from the Human Rights Perspective. In: Growth and Poverty: The Development Experience in Bangladesh. (Eds: Ahmed, S and Mahmud, W), University Press Limited, pp. 152-169. ISBN 9840517554 [Book section]

Osmani, Siddiqur R. (2005) An Essay on the Human Rights Approach to Development. In: Reflections on the Right to Development. (Eds: Sengupta, A, Negi, A and Basu, M), Sage, pp. 109-125. ISBN 9780761933700 [Book section]

Journal article

Osmani, Siddiqur R. (2011) Inequality in Rural Bangladesh in the 2000s: Trends and Causes. The Bangladesh Development Studies, 34 (4). pp. 1-36. [Journal article]

Osmani, Siddiqur R. (2010) Realising the right to development in Bangladesh: progress and challenges. The Bangladesh Development Studies, 33 (1-2). pp. 25-28. [Journal article]

Osmani, Siddiqur R. (2010) Theory of justice for an imperfect world: exploring Amartya Sen's idea of justice. Journal of Human Development and Capabilities, 11 (4). pp. 599-607. [Journal article]

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Osmani, Siddiqur R. (2005) Poverty and Human Rights: Building on the Capability Approach. Journal of Human Development, 6 (2). pp. 206-219. [Journal article]

Research report (external)

Osmani, Siddiqur R, Bajracharya, B B, Tenzing, S and Wangyal, T (2007) Macroeconomics of Poverty Reduction: The Case Study of Bhutan. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). UNDP. 302 pp. [Research report (external)]

Osmani, Siddiqur R, Mahmud, W, Sen, B, Dagdeviren, H and Seth, A (2006) The Macroeconomics of Poverty Reduction: The Case Study of Bangladesh. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). UNDP. 77 pp. [Research report (external)]

Osmani, Siddiqur R. (2005) The Employment Nexus between Growth and Poverty: An Asian Perspective. Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA). SIDA. 113 pp. [Research report (external)]

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