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Effects of intraduodenal administration of tarazepide on pancreatic secretion and duodenal EMG in neonatal calves

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Zabielski, R, Naughton, Violetta, Borlak, J, Gregory, PC, Kiela, P, Pierzynowski, SG and Barej, W (1998) Effects of intraduodenal administration of tarazepide on pancreatic secretion and duodenal EMG in neonatal calves. REGULATORY PEPTIDES, 78 (1-3). pp. 113-123. [Journal article]

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The influence of CCK-A receptor antagonism on pancreatic exocrine secretion and duodenal EMG, and the mechanism(s) involved in CCK-induced pancreatic secretion were studied in conscious calves. Seven 1-week-old calves were fitted with a pancreatic duct catheter, duodenal cannula and duodenal electrodes. Pancreatic exocrine secretion and duodenal EMG were studied following intraduodenal CCK-A receptor antagonist (Tarazepide), intravenous atropine, and intravenous or intraduodenal CCK-8 administrations. Tarazepide decreased duodenal electric activity, reduced interdigestive pancreatic secretion, especially protein; reduced cephalic and early postprandial (milk) induced secretion of bicarbonate and protein. Pancreatic protein secretion to intravenous CCK-8 was little affected by atropine, but was significantly reduced by Tarazepide+/-atropine; in contrast, protein secretion to intraduodenal CCK-8 was abolished by Tarazepide or atropine. We conclude that pre- and especially early postprandial pancreatic secretion are partly controlled via CCK-A (mainly mucosal) mediated mechanisms. (C) 1998 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.

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